Spring Sewing Swap


I really have to say a massive thank you to Kerry for organising the Spring Sewing Swap.  Through this bit of selfless shopping and fun I discovered teafortwodiary written by Jen and Elena.  My swap partner was Jen and I had an absolute blast shopping for her!

She also did some truly epic shopping and stash diving for me!  Look at the loveliness that I received!


There’s 3m of that beautiful poly – from Paris no less, the cutest little buttons, trim from Cloth House a dress which provides an interesting bodice for infinite skirt variations and a lovely card.  I think the fabric is destined to become some sort of maxi – I just need to decide on a pattern!

I have done a little bit of sewing too, in the last month.  I made a shirt for Boy’s best friend’s birthday – covered in dinosaurs but as I was attaching buttons the morning of said birthday I don’t have any pictures (bad blogger!) but he loves it and it got a ton of unsolicited compliments when it was worn to the Dinosaur Park!  His parents seemed to love telling people that it was a one of a kind and their friend made it for him!  I also got the biggest hug – I hope they don’t get ‘too cool’ for unique clothing anytime soon…

I’m also a hem and some binding away from finishing the Staple Dress that I bought as part of the last Pattern Parcel.  Shirring wasn’t too bad but my machine made some really strange noises whilst doing it – I think I may actually have to mess with the bobbin tension settings next time I take any shirring on – screeching squeaking is not good!

Oh and just to give you all a giggle, we took the rabbits in to have preventative fly-strike treatment and saw a rabbit specialist nurse.  Turns out Buzz is a boy and Woody is a girl.  48hrs later, Buzz became an ‘it’.  Hopefully we won’t get anymore surprises with those two!

So, you never know, I may leave it less than a month to make a reappearance here…  See you soon?!

Fabric and Friends

On Saturday, I got on the train just gone 7am and headed to London.  My plan was very simple – visit Walthamstow Market and visit Dibs.  Claire very kindly met me off the train at Liverpool Street and escorted me to Walthamstow and showed me around.  Oh. My.  I loved Goldhawk Road when I went last summer and quite frankly I also love Walthamstow but for different reasons.

22 March 1

In my whistle-stop shopping trip Walthamstow seems to specialise in knits, trims and haberdashery.  I did see a couple of places selling African Wax Print and Sari fabrics too but didn’t go in.  Whilst there were plenty of wovens on offer (particularly at Saeeds and the Man Outside Sainsburys) the strong suit really did seem to be knits.  I have to admit to not being a well versed visitor to either area, this is just my general impression!

Claire took me to the far end of the market and we worked our way back towards Walthamstow Central.  I loved our first stop where we bought fabric at £1 or £2 a metre.  I came away with a print test run on what is (we think) Rayon that cost £2/m and as there was only 2m I bought it all!  I also bought a gorgeous brushed navy twill, a very stable striped knit and a solid navy.  10m of fabric for £18.  I’d be lucky to get 2m of knit for that price locally.

22 March 2

Over the road was another fabric shop with similar prices where I bought a pink leopard print knit.  I think this will probably become a Tiramisu and a pair of cropped leggings.  We’ll see how it goes particularly as I’ve now noticed it’s got lots of little runs in it.  It only cost something ridiculous like £1.50/m so whilst it’s annoying it’s not the end of the world.  I know I got change out of a £5 note for it!

We then went into a haberdashery and trim shop where I spent £14 on thread.  12 cones of overlocker thread which are identical to the ones I use at home and paid £4 each for – these were £1 each!  The Coat’s Moon thread was 50p a spool – vast improvement on the £2 I usually pay.  Whilst I only bought black , white and navy and some moon thread to match the pink leopard knit this shop had every single colour under the sun.  Salmon pink, neon orange, sage green, dusky blue – you name it, they had it.

22 March 7

Next stop was Saeed’s.  This was a complete contrast to the other shops in the area in terms of space, general presentation and how the fabric was displayed.  I bought 3m of a digital print linen to make Sewaholic’s Gabriola and spent the most per metre I had all day; £6.  £6!!  I am sure that locally this fabric would be at least £12/m if not more.  The staff were so friendly and helpful too – I can’t recommend them enough!

As we went down the market we popped into another haberdashery where there was a wall just full of beads and sequins.  I only bought 2 bags of trouser hooks – each bag was £1.  I was starting to become completely overwhelmed by it all.  The number of trims was insane.  Pompom, braid, bias tapes, ribbons, diamante, beaded collars…

We then found the legend that is the Man Outside Sainsburys.  I bought a dress length of cotton lawn and also of an alleged silk blend.  I’m inclined to believe him as it has the most beautiful drape.  Being such a dork I didn’t even ask the price when I saw the silk – I just wanted it!  I was gobsmaked when he only charged me £5.50/m for it and £2/m for the lawn.  He also had a lovely drapey fabric with an enormous digital print of magnolia in black and white on it.  Quite frankly, a trip to Walthamstow is worth it for him, Saeed’s and the insanely cheap first shop and my favourite of the day The Textile Centre (the one with the green writing outside at the end of the market nearest the tube, hiding behind a stall selling saucepans of catering proportions).

22 March 8

It was mental how many people were in there.  It was still a pleasant experience though as the staff were doing all they could and apologising for the delay.  I came away with 3m each of an Ikat style knit in blue and purple and 4m of the same hummingbird border print knit that Karen used for her Coco.  These were all about £2/m!  They also had a sequin fabric at £5.50/m which I loved but had no idea what I’d do with.  I’ve seen a gown online though with a similar silhouette to BHL’s Anna that was a full on sequinned number so that is now haunting me.  Not that I’d have anywhere to make such a gown!  Whilst we were there we were told about their other store on Watney Market (Called Paul’s Fabrics) which is apparently twice the size…

Whilst we were there Dibs caught up with us and did some quick shopping herself before we all headed off to her home to make macaroons!  Which I’ll save for another post as this one is ridiculous already!!

Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Bat Shirt!

Seriously, it took me so long to work out how many Nah Nah’s there were in this title and I’m still not sure it’s right!  Anyway, behold the Bat Shirt!

Bat Shirt

Boy has got a serious Super Hero thing going on and this has lasted nearly a year!  His favourite hero is Batman, which I think is kinda cool as he told me it’s because he hasn’t got any super powers but is just really really clever and strong.  He has a point, although I’m sure the fact that Bruce Wayne is a billionaire or something probably helps!

This shirt was made back in January, but photographing a marauding four year old is hard!  I have no idea what he’s holding in that first photo – I think it might be an apple.  Or it could be a toy car – anyway he’s definitely not standing still!

The pattern is The Thomas Shirt pattern by Felicity Patterns.  It’s a PDF that cost less than £5 and I am so pleased with the result!  She states in the description that it’s a generous fit and she’s not wrong.  In the end I used the age 4 length and one of the skinniest cuts as Boy is not bulky – he’s like Husband and very lean.  Even so the shirt is a little big on him, but I hope that means we’ll get a year or so of wear out of it.

I followed the instructions that came with the pattern and didn’t make any changes – the yoke is a double one so the inside is all neatly finished in the same way Grainline’s Archer is.  There aren’t any flat felled seams but for a casual shirt like this I don’t have a problem with that.  The hem is just overlocked, turned up and stitched.  Not the neatest looking finish when you can see the guts but it’s plenty robust enough.  This shirt is in heavy rotation and is standing up to the consequential numerous trips in the washing machine just fine.

The fabric came from Plush Addict (who don’t seem to stock it any more) and this shirt came out of 1m.  The buttons came from eBay although I did make a bit of a mistake in that the shirt buttons up ‘girl’ style as the buttons are on his left hand side rather than the apparently correct for boys right hand side.  I wasn’t aware of this until Husband pointed it out.  Boy doesn’t care though – I’ll just try and get things the right way round when I make the next version with another Batman print!



It’s ‘Sew Grateful‘ week again. A now annual event organised by Debbie over at My Happy Sewing Place. You’ve probably seen posts popping up in your reader all week with giveaways, tutorials and people using patterns they were gifted.

I’m not going to offer you a giveaway (having just held one) and I don’t have a tutorial to offer (I don’t feel qualified!). I haven’t got a pattern that someone gifted me sewn up and ready to share. What I do have is gratitude.

You know me, I’m honest to the point of TMI on this blog sometimes. You all know about the things that have gone right and wrong and some that have floored me and taken a while to pick myself up and dust myself down from. I’ve suffered from depression and the destruction, saddness, alienation and everything that goes with it. To quote the Blogess: “Depression Lies”. Remembering that is hard.

Thankfully I have things mostly on an even keel and have done for a little while now, but every so often I wobble. I’m human. To help combat the wobbles I’ve been keeping a record of things that I’m grateful for.
Now before you get completely weirded out by me (and I accept and love the fact that I’m a little bit weird!) can I ask that you keep reading for a little bit?

This week has been insane and intense for a number of reasons. Work, home, Husband’s business, slamming my hand in the door of the truck (who knew I could swear in multiple languages?!), thinking I was going to have to have my wedding ring cut off as a result of the swelling caused by that damn door… You get the picture. The thing that stopped me starting on a very slippery spiral was just reading back through those gratitudes I’d made a note of.

There were common themes to them which I hadn’t really picked up until I read them back. Family, Boy, Husband were all in there. The fact that I have a nice home and a reasonable income. The one that made me sit and think though was the kindness of people I have never met in real life.

Take Lizzy. I was in a funk on Monday morning but we had a chat on Twitter and she reassured me and virtually held my hand.

Then there’s Maddie. I got completely stuck with a pattern alteration regarding collar roll and reached out to her. In a short amount of time she gave me some starting points on Twitter and is going to provide me with further guidance and advice over the weekend.

Emmie came to my rescue when I was trying to source tailoring supplies and sent some of her own horse hair canvas for me to use. She wanted nothing in return.

Sonja made me laugh about slamming my hand in the truck door.

Some of these people are less than a hundred miles away, others are across the Atlantic or in the other hemisphere. I’ve only met one of them for a brief time in reality. But I’m proud to ‘know’ each and every one of them. I’m proud to ‘know’ each and every person I interact with through Twitter, Instagram and this blog (my social media outlets of choice).

Through sewing, a wonderful range of people and perspectives have entered my life and informed, educated, supported and shared with me not just sewing but their day to day lives. Sweary, I know you’re not into blogs, but you have opened my eyes to so many different things through Twitter.

I can’t think of any other more graphically diverse community that would hold a sewing competition in honour of the marriage of a member of that community. Sew Dolly Clackett is going to be immense? Unreal? I can’t find the right word. And the motivation is not blog views, sponsorship or any form of self gain or promotion. It’s purely because Sarah is across the Atlantic and wanted to do something for Roisin and Nic. Pure and simple.

The blogging, tweeting and instagraming that goes on in our community is so much more than ‘look what I made’. It’s a welcoming group of people with whom you can share life, love, laughter and tears with. That’s pretty damn special.

My gratitude to you guys is immense. I love helping you out when I can, lending an ear, pattern, opinion, support. Just being part of this community has enriched my life immeasurably. Thank you x

Weddings and Goldhawk Road

Umm, Hello?  Is anyone still there?  Please accept my apologies for dropping off the face of the earth for six weeks.  Life kinda happens and it was case of sew or blog; I took the selfish option and spent time with my machines.  In another post I’ll have three new dresses to show you although you get a glimpse of one later on…  It’s nice to be sat here writing again as I’ve missed the interaction we have on this little web page.

Last time I was part of your feed content, I was in panic mode for my Babyiest sister’s wedding on the 19th June.  Well I’m pleased to report that it all went very well and she’s now a Mrs.  The veil was finished in time as was the hem on my Mother’s dress and I think everyone had a good day.  It was a very hot and humid day, the first indicator of the good weather that was headed our way.  It was an outside civil ceremony and quite short, but also lovely too.

Wedding 1

There you are; me, Mother, Babyiest sister and Middle sister.  None of us look very much alike!  Another bridesmaid and her daughter, plus Boy and Me began the procession down the aisle followed by Father and Babyiest sister.

Wedding 2

The new Mr & Mrs signing the register and then getting photographed by pretty much everyone.  Boy had completely lost interest at this point!

So in between then and now I’ve been working, studying for a course for work which has also involved nights away (traumatic for all of us as I’d never left Boy before, let alone 3 nights / 4 days for two weeks on the trot) and also been looking forward to  my first ever sewing meet-up!

Goldhawk 1

On Saturday 3rd August I joined 37(?!) other like minded souls in Goldhawk road to shop, swap and chat the day away.  I finally got to meet some ladies I’ve been ‘talking’ to for a very long time; Claire (our fearless organiser), Roisin, Rachel (who was here on holiday from Brisbane), Amy, Kat, Emmie and Dibs!  I also got to know some new faces – Hi Alison!  The group shot of Emmie, Alison, Roisin, Me (in one of my new dresses), Rachel and Amy is shamelessy ripped from Roisin’s blog which if you don’t read, you really should.  The photo was taken by a very dapper looking Nic or ‘Roisin’s Boyfriend’ as his name tag proclaimed!

We had an hour of shopping before meeting up for lunch.  Let me tell you as a girl from the country, Goldhawk road is overwhelming!  There is so much choice you almost can’t cope!  I say almost can’t cope but I did make a few purchases but I also came home with money in my purse…  The prices are jaw dropping too.  I’m used to paying £10/m or more.  Cotton shirting at £3.50/m?  Wow.

Goldhawk 3

So I bought four different shirtings for Boy.  His favourite is the pale blue check, followed by the navy plaid, then the stars and finally the waves.  He’s got quite conservative tastes that little man!  The navy blue irregular polkadots is a cotton sateen and is going to be a By Hand London mash-up-maxi.  The pink and blue/lilac is a cotton brocade and is destined to be the lining of another By Hand London pattern.  The purple is a gorgeous knit that I got for £4/m with a slight crosswise stretch but not stretch along its length – I guess it’s a stable knit?!  I have very little knowledge of knit fabrics but this is going to be a Tiramisu and as I bought 3m there may be a top as well…

These were bought both before and after our lunch at Liz’s Cafe.  The food was lovely and they coped with such an enormous group really well.  It was then time to experience my first swap!  I’d bought some yarn, a few patterns and a couple of lengths of fabric to go into the enormous pile!  I only came away with two pieces though; a navy cotton twill to be paired with the brocade above and a length of tiny houndstooth fabric which is very drapey.  I think it’ll probably become a skirt.  Also a bag of buttons; just plain mother of pearl effect ones that will be perfect for a certain Boy’s shirts!

Goldhawk 2

I sat with Rachel for lunch and had a lovely time chatting to her and the others around us (whose names I have forgotten – I am so sorry!).  There was much admiring of her Miette cardigan.  I just wish I had the patience and the time to knit, but I don’t.  Doesn’t stop me appreciating the skill in others though!  I also got the chance to finally say Hello to the wonder that is Dibs!  I have read her blog forever and she is just a gorgeous person.  We didn’t get to chat long, but hopefully we’ll cross paths again and get to chat properly.  Both of the above photos are from her camera!

Goldhawk 4

After lunch, there was time for more shopping and I bought my favourite piece.  This is a border print and I know exactly what I’m going to do with this piece of stretch cotton sateen.  But I’m not telling you yet!

So, two fabulous days but for different reasons.  No more weddings in the family for the foreseeable future but I’d love to do another blogger meet-up next year.

A Little Bloggy Break

My babyiest sister’s wedding is 8 days away.  My life is revolving around a gazillion hot fix crystals, hem alterations, suit fittings, cake icing and trying to remember if there was anything else I was supposed to do!

As a result selfish sewing and this blog is going to have to go quiet for a week or so.  Hopefully I’ll still pop into Twitter and Instagram when I get a chance but outside of work, I am my sister’s slave…

Happy 3rd Birthday Boy!

My little boy turned 3 on Saturday!  Where has the last three years gone?!  Here’s what we got up to this year…



Birthday present

Birthday present

Cake inspection

Cake inspection

Victoria Sponge on the bottom and marble cake on the top

Victoria Sponge on the bottom and marble cake on the top

Pirate Birthday Cake

Pirate Birthday Cake

Pirate vanilla cupcakes

Pirate vanilla cupcakes

Chocolate buns that were decorated with chocolate butter icing and chocolate money

Chocolate buns that were decorated with chocolate butter icing and chocolate money (Joy of Baking Chocolate Cupcake recipe) The bun wrappers are from Tesco

Naked vanilla cupcakes

Naked vanilla cupcakes (Hummingbird Bakery recipe)

The theme was... Pirates!

The theme was… Pirates! Plates, Napkins and Table Cloth came from Sainsburys

We had a lovely day with people coming over from 10:30 in the morning and the last leaving at 18:30!  A very long and tiring day, but a very enjoyable one.  And as you can see, the dressing gown is being worn!

First Finished Item of 2013: M4643

The first make of 2013; completed yesterday the 1st January!  This is McCalls 4643 a pattern for toddler PJs and Robe, made for Boy.


I haven’t got any pictures of him wearing it yet as he was too tired this evening.  When I asked if he wanted his picture taken (which normally involves a big ‘Yes’ and then ‘Can I see?’) he decided to snuggle into my neck instead and say ‘No, not now Mummy, I need cuddles’.  I guess the first day back at the childminder’s is as tiring as the first day back at work after a break!  I’m kinda glad to be heading towards some kind of routine though…


Anyway, back to fleecy snuggly dressing gowns!  Boy chose the fabrics himself (via a computer monitor) and elected for the stripy fleece (Fabric Land) and then asked for some giraffes (FQ from Frumble) which feature on the bias binding.  All of this was bought in 2012 as I knew I wanted to have it made ready for his birthday (this Saturday – he’ll be 3!)


It is a ridiculously fast pattern to make.  All in about two hours and that includes pattern tracing and bias tape making!  By far and away the most time consuming bit was the bias tape making – I always forget how much bias tape you can get from a FQ too.  There was enough to go all the way around the dressing gown rather than hemming the bottom edge, as well as do the cuffs.  There is only about 6″ left now though.


The main construction was done on my serger.  I did a flat fell seam in the hood and along the neckline as I was worried raw edges or serged seams might irritate skin or catch in his hair.  They’re not the neatest seams, but they do what they need to do and as it’s fleece you can hardly see the stitching anyway!


The only other variation I made to the pattern was to add the hanging hook, which makes it easier for him to deal with.  Hanging it from the hood wasn’t an ideal situation to my mind!  I also top stitched the belt as the fleece is quite stretchy and I wanted to add some stability to it.

I’ll definitely be making this again – it’s an incredibly quick win and very cheap to make.  This cost me £11.11 including the cost of the pattern.  There is a ton of growing room in this current version – it’s down to his ankles and would go round him twice!  I should have made the size 2 rather than the 3, but he loves it and that’s all that really matters.


From Bellissimo Speciality Cakes – click to go and see her amazing blog

I hoped to have my Peony done by the end of this week; I cut the lining fabric this evening so all I need to do is construct it and insert it, but there is the small matter of conjuring up some sort of Pirate Cake for Boy’s birthday this weekend!  Sewing will have to take a back seat for a little while, but I don’t mind – I enjoy baking and decorating cakes so it’ll be fun, and apart from anything else it’s for Boy!  The cake above is my starting point, so that’ll be two round sponges made tomorrow night.  Now where’s my Mary Berry baking book…

Looking Back…

Like me, you’ve probably been really enjoying other bloggers Top 5s of the year inspired by Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow.  I wish I’d been organised enough to do the same…  I do though want to reflect on the year that is rapidly drawing to a close and start to look forward to the new year.  WARNING:  The next 3-4 paragraphs have nothing at all to do with sewing and is a bit of naval gazing on a personal level.  Feel free to skip over it as it’s not particularly uplifting reading…

As you know, 2012 hasn’t been entirely good to me on a personal level with the latest kick to the head happening just before Christmas.  In a nut shell my family (me, Husband, Boy, my parents and sisters) have lived through; my sister’s mental illness including self harm, Father’s testicular cancer diagnosis and subsequent operation (thankfully not full blown cancer), my miscarriage, and finally two days before Christmas  the same sister being dumped by her finance and boyfriend of 8+ years over the phone, 24hours after he’d travelled 350 miles away with no warning at all.

Suffice to say, this festive season has been a bit flat, but Boy has been a complete source of joy and the reason I bothered at all to be completely honest!  My babyiest sister (there are three of us, and middle sister has born the brunt of the crap this year) is having a F*** 2012 party on the 31st as we’re all quite pleased to see the end of this year.

But on the other hand, 2012 has taught me things about myself and changed me in ways only living through these experiences can.  They’re part of me now and part of my evolution, so whilst I whole heartedly wish that we hadn’t had to deal with any of it they’re now part of us.  The shared battles and traumas have strengthened us and brought us closer.

It’s also really truly shown me the value of this blogging community of ours.  Whilst none of this has anything to do with a needle and thread you all have contributed in getting me through a lot of this.  Being there to listen and offering encouragement.  I am truly grateful and humbled that people I have never met have taken the time to offer a kind word and a little support.  There are many things to be thankful for in this life, even when it feels like you’re on the receiving end of kick after kick after kick, and you guys are definitely one of them.

So, that’s the personal review.  Navel gazing now complete.  It’s safe to come back to the page now…

Onto the sewing!  My sanity saver and also causer of some insanity its self…  There have been wins and only a few fails:



Simplicity 2588 – The first ever pattern I’ve wanted to make more than one of.  I suspect there’ll be more in the future too.  Not bad for a pattern that came free with a magazine!

Colette Peony – I know many have had issues with the pattern.  I guess (other than a fuller bust) I must be a little closer to Sarai’s sloper as other than a FBA and a slight sway back adjustment I’ve got another TNT pattern.  I am so close to finishing this dress now – I just need to finish inserting the lining.

V2903 - Illustrations and Line Drawings

V2903 – Illustrations and Line Drawings

Vogue 2903 – A monster amount of work went into this dress for Brother in Law’s wedding.  It’s my first Vogue pattern and they’re really no harder than any other ‘Big 4′ pattern I’ve sewn.  I received so many compliments whilst wearing it.  I really must get you some photos (don’t worry, this is covered in the fails!).

Jasmine, Meringue & Minoru

Sewaholic Minoru – I have worn this jacket at least 3 times a week since I completed it. I am in love and like Karen it will be re-made should this version ever cease to be functional.

Colette Meringue – Another really fast and easy project and also garner or unsolicited compliments!  Looks professional because of the beautiful wool (Thanks Ann!) but still has some personality.


Soft Furnishings – seriously guys.  I made curtains and a roman blind!  Each of those curtains are 3.5m wide when they’re not gathered up.  They are MASSIVE!  They’re lined with black out lining, blind hemmed and everything.  I am so proud of myself for making them, even if wrestling with them in my bijoux sewing room was err, frustrating?  Difficult?  Not overly pleasant anyway!  Who would have thought straight seams could be so stressful!

I love the blind too, and I’m sure I’ll be making a few more – I’ve got 6 more 4m lengths of fibre glass rods to be used at some point.  Not immediately though…

Community Fun – I’ have had a blast on this blog over the last year.  I’ve hosted give aways and organised a swap which I have enjoyed immensely and shared my sewing with you all.  I’ve also loved reading your blogs and have been lucky enough to win a few give aways hosted by you.  There have been sew alongs too plus you have inspired me in ways you can not imagine as well as shown me the potential in patterns or fabrics I wouldn’t have seen other wise.  You have developed my ‘eye’ in that regards and I am very grateful for that.

And now the FAILS!

A bit of saucy belt waving!

A bit of saucy belt waving!

My Peony/Jenny mash up – Bodice is a win.  Skirt is a fail.  I really really really need to wear Spanx with this dress and I have wearing them.  These photos are without the industrial underpinnings.  Does not work as a day to day dress.  On the positive side, I drafted and inserted a godet which I love!

My 'Perfect' Shirt Dress

My ‘Perfect’ Shirt Dress

Simplicity 1880 – This has now hit the bin.  Bodice was a win.  Skirt was a win.  Matching side seams between the two was a complete and utter fail all caused by the fact that I did not take into account the always necessary FBA and how this means I need more breadth across the front and the back stays the same.  I cheated and just cut a bigger size skirt so the side seams were never going to match and I couldn’t live with it.  Complete wadder, now binned.  The wrap version on the other hand came out well… I just need to hem it (and have done since July!).

Ambition – My wish list outstrips my productivity by a considerable amount.  I really should try and be a little more realistic about what I’m actually capable of doing…

Photography – Oh, I need to work on this!  If I’m behind the camera, it’s all good.  Stick me in front of it and oh dear…  I practically hid from the photographer at Brother in Law’s wedding as I feel so self conscious if someone points a camera at me.  I’ve got three dresses I need to share with you and that involves photography.  Some half decent light would be helpful, but I’m also procrastinating I’m afraid.  I’m enjoying the Craftsy course though so hopefully the technical and artistic side will improve and with practice I’ll feel less of a dork in front of the camera!

So, not bad really.  There aren’t too many sewing fails and the bloggy bits are things that can be worked on.  Hopefully next year I’ll be able to improve on them greatly!  I have some plans looking forward I’ll share with you soon…