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Welcome to my blog about my bag making.  I don’t know how to describe it – obsession, love, preoccupation…  It keeps me awake at night whilst I think of designs.  How to make them a real life, useable, gorgeous piece of arm candy, or little somethings to hold the pennies or mascara or whatever you want to keep in a purse.

What free time I have is used making them.  I’m a Mum to a one year old, wife and I work part time.  My bags are made because it’s a passion and something I enjoy doing.

I love to give bags that I have made and see the joy they bring.  It’s a rush when someone in a shop approaches me to ask about my bag and I can say to them that I made it.  It was and is amazing when people have parted with money they  have worked hard to earn to buy a bag that I have made.

It’s this positive feedback from friends, family and work colleagues that has given me the courage to open a store on Etsy.  As I write this, the supplies for my first few bags for sale on the big WWW are at home waiting to be turned from flat peices of gorgeous fabric into 3 dimensional beauties.  Unique items that no one else will have.  One of a kind.

Whilst it’s amazing to sell to family, friends and colleagues, I can’t wait to make my first proper sale to someone who doesn’t know me but likes what I do enough to spend their money on it.  I want that person to love what they’ve bought as much as I’ve loved making them!

Vicki x


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