A little bit more of the shop is done…


So, I’ve been away for a little while but a little more progress has been made!  I now have some store stationery – banners and avatars. 

Etsy is a big market place and there are a lot of people selling on it!  Being noticed by anyone is the first hurdle, and then you’ve got to persuade them that they want to part with their hard earned cash for something that you’ve made…  It’s actually pretty daunting putting yourself out there like this.  You want to be noticed and you want people to like what you do.  But what if you’re not noticed?  What if people are looking but no one buys anything?!  It’s a whole world of angst… 

I make bags and purses because I enjoy it and there’s only so many bags a girl can use so selling them isn’t going to fund my life.  What I would like it to do is pay for its self, so I can’t sell at a loss.  I intend to price so that my materials are covered with a few £s on top to cover things like Etsy and PayPal fees, getting labels made and a tiny bit of my time so that I can invest it back into stuff to make more bags!  I’m not looking to pay my mortgage with this, it’s a way of sharing something that I enjoy…

And if I don’t sell, alot of people are going to be getting bags as presents for the next squillion birthdays!


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