Time Management?!

I have made three rather lovely hand bags with gorgeous dark bamboo handles – they’re a bit preppy and a bit rockabilly whilst also being a bit classic.

A Basket Bag in Amy Butler's Dancing Paisley

The stupid thing is that I made these a while ago and I still haven’t finished the photographs of them so that I can list them in my Etsy shop.  I’ve got what I call the product shot, but I need to do the details shots to go with them.  And this is where my current lack of time management comes in.

Black & White Basket Bag

I like to photograph what I make outside where I can as the colours look better and more “true”.  This means doing it during the day when I’m not at work, when it’s not raining, the sun isn’t directly over head and when the little person isn’t climbing on the garden furniture and threatening to throw himself head first onto the patio (this kamikaze act of his really doesn’t help his Mummy to concentrate on what she’s trying to do!).

Amy Butler Tumbling Roses Basket Bag

So, hence a lack of photos at the moment!

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to take them this weekend.  In between a large tree being cut down by the tree surgeon and My Mr, a friend’s birthday party and little person wrangling!  At least with the clocks having gone forward the evenings are lighter for longer so I may be able to get some shots done in the evening while Mr does the wrangling!  Wish me luck…


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