My First Vintage Pattern!

Squee!  And do a happy little dance!  Boy joined in, husband looked at me like I’d lost the plot.

Let me explain.  As I’ve mentioned previously I’m starting to find my feet as far as my style is concerned and I’m drawn to the Fifties.  I like the sophisticated, grown up but beautiful (mostly!) fashions of that era. 

cv Not that I’m advocating the view that we should all strap ourselves into girdles and bullet shaped bras.  I’m not and can’t envisage myself being able to live vintage, more that I am looking to adapt this sort of vintage style for my modern life.  I’m probably not making too much sense here…  I’m starting to learn a bit about the feminist issues and concerns regarding the rise in the popularity in vintage fashions.  I’m not looking to be emancipated, but at the same time I love that the women of the era dressed as grown ups and took pride in the way they looked.  I’ll try to explain what I mean better in another post.

I’m also learning about the fashion and sociological influences on the era and the development of the home sewing culture at that time, if that’s the right word for it.

But, for now, back to my Squee inducing purchase…

My First Vintage Pattern!
I’d been pootling around Etsy, and came across a listing for this pattern.  I put it in my favourites and thought about it for a day or two.  Every time I looked at it, I loved it a little bit more.  I like the wiggle dress styling but the thing that grabbed my attention is the styling around the neck line.  It’s the bateau shape at the front with the scooped away back.  I’m not sure about the knotted collar bit but it was definitely the neck line that sold it to me!
It was the neck line that made me buy it!

When I make this I plan to shorten the skirt so that it sits just below my knee, or mid knee.  I’m thinking about a possible little kick pleat in the back too…  I’m not sure about the jacket at the moment, I’ll have to wait and see on that front.  I can think of other styles I like more!

Including the postage to the UK from this really friendly Etsy seller it cost me $14.50 and it arrived really quickly too.  I bought it on the 6 April and it arrived on the 14 April – less than a week!  Making this will be one of my rewards for my weight loss me thinks!!


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