Have Peg Bag, Will Travel

We’re camping this Easter weekend – up at Sandringham no less (but not in the Queen’s back garden…)  With the weather (hopefully, touch wood and fingers crossed) being good I’m hoping that the inevitable washing and towel drying that comes with boy will be dried out side and we wont have to spend £££ on a dryer at a laundrette.  With this in mind, another peg bag has been born!

Travel Peg Bag

I made this in the same way as the peg bag in my tutorial here.  I used one of boy’s hangers so this has a curvier shape and I also added a flap to contain the pegs whilst the bag is travelling in our caravan.  I’m considering putting some velcro on the flap to keep it shut, but as the fabric is reasonably heavy I think there’s probably enough weight without having to stick it down.

I flattened the bottom again (but not the liner this time – time was of the essence!) and this makes it even curvier as the bottom is narrower than the shoulders.  I really quite like the shape it gives it.

Flat Bottom

What ever your plans are for this Easter weekend, I hope you have a lovely time and get to relax a little with the long weekend!


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