Ooh, Another New Pattern! Easter Baking, Reading and Royalty…

Good Morning!

Another new (to me) vintage pattern arrived in the post over the weekend!  I love the waist detail on this one, the pointed end to the bodice section is a detail I have always loved and this pattern has it!

Look at the pointy end to the Bodice!

This is Advance 7863 and was bought from this lovely Etsy seller.  $20 this time but I just love the detailing on it!  I’m sure there’s a more technical term for “pointy end to the bodice” but it is at least descriptive?  Not so sure about the tabs on the hips though.

I’ve also done a little more baking.  This time they’re a family tradition for Easter – we call them nest cakes:
Easter Nest Cake

It’s a simple chocolate sponge recipe baked in a muffin tin with piped chocolate butter cream (deliberately messy – it’s great when I don’t have to be precise with icing!) and Cadbury’s mini eggs on top.  Mr loves these, particularly finishing off the bag of mini eggs that are surplus to decorating requirements which is a win double as far as I’m concerned as he’s happy to have chocolate and they’re not lurking in the cupboard so I don’t eat them!

I’m currently reading fit for real people, a book that gets mentioned a lot of places including Gertie’s blog and Tasia’s blog.  I’m finding it really interesting, particularly as it’s got a history section about dress sizes and how the measurements apply to the different sizes and vanity sizing!  If you sew your own clothes, I’d recommend it.

I’ve also pre-ordered the new edition of Couture Sewing Techniques by Claire Shaeffer.  The original edition is recommended by Gertie and I love the knowledge aspect of sewing and learning how to do things better.  It’s not released until May so I’ve a little while to wait for our post lady to deliver it!

In my amazon wish list there’s also Pants for Real People (by the same people who wrote fit for real people) on trouser fitting and Clare Shaeffer’s Fabric Sewing Guide, but those purchases will have to wait a little while.

And this is one of the images in the news today.  I’m not pro-royal and I’m not anti either.  I do wish William and Kate well though, they’re taking a lot on!  I do love this picture though, it feels like the country is being positive and optimistic rather than cynical and dour about something (although there has been a lot to be cynical about!).

Regent Street, London

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