Vintage Make Up and Beautiful Hair

Well, it’s getting late but I just wanted to say Hi as I have come home from our trip to Sandringham, tidied up the caravan and even been to work for two days!  We had the most amazing weather for the weekend away and a mostly lovely weekend (unfortunately Paramedic’s had to attend our best friends’ 9 month old when he started to choke, but he’s doing OK now, thank goodness) doing not a lot and wandering around the Queen’s back garden – can you believe I didn’t take the blimmin’ camera?!?!

Anyway, on the subject of Royalty, William and Kate get married tomorrow and in honour of the occasion we’ve got a bank holiday!  And as it’s the May day bank holiday on Monday that means that the UK has had two long weekends one after the other which I think is great, although I appreciate that it’s been a headache for some businesses.

So, my plans for the long weekend are to catch up with family and friends and also to have a play using Casey’s tutorials for makeup and hair.  Absolutely beautiful.  I also plan to have another go at pin curls – I completely messed up my first go when it came to brushing the curls out and it turned into a major 80’s style frizz bomb!

You never know, I might even get some sewing done…


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