Ouch, That Was Embarrasing


OK.  So in a bid to lose weight and shape up I booked myself onto an 8 week “Get Back Into” spinning course run by Active Norfolk.  The first class was last night and… oh dear.  I was a little apprehensive before it started because I haven’t done any real exercise in a very, very long time and was worried I’d struggle but I had no idea it would be THAT bad!

To be blunt about it, I am not as fit as I hoped I was.  And some of my technique sucked, and I was definitely the biggest person in the class.  So all in all, a tad embarrasing.  And as usual, whether fat or thin, I went red doing cardio.

On the positive side though, I went.  I stuck it out and I’m going to finish the course as this is definitely going to get me fitter which can only be a good thing.  I also don’t ache too badly this morning, but experience tells me that it may kick in tomorrow…

Next week my challenge for myself is to do at least half the “out of saddle” stuff as this is what I struggled with and there was a LOT of it last night.  I must keep my back straight when out of the saddle.  By the end of the course (and hopefully sooner), I will do everything in the session.

I am worth the effort.  That’s what I’ve got to remember…


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