Playing With Dirt

Starting to grow...

Today has been a gardening day. Friends of ours help at a Sunday school and they had a plant sale on today to raise money for the school. So instead of buying mass produced plants in some enormous DIY shed, we took our money to a local fund raiser.

It’s not the first time I’ve bought plants from this sale – two of the climbing roses in the garden came from the sale and they’re doing really well. I tend to get my bedding plants and bits to do the hanging baskets there as well, and it was the same this year.

So this afternoon, me and boy happily played in the dirt planting them all. Well, I planted and boy dug the compost, sat in the flower bed and generally got absolutely filthy before deciding it was all a bit boring and playing with his sand pit / water toy.

I’m quite pleased with what I achieved… Part of the hole where the bay tree was (it died over the rather extreme winter we just had) is now filled in, as are some other gaps in that border. The base of the vines are all planted up with bedding plants as are the new planters that were put in by the chicken run. I also planted up a pot to go by the back door and four, yes four, hanging baskets.

I have managed to scrub the dirt from under my nails and now all I need to do is water them.

I love the colour of these roses, and they're so fragrant!

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