I Spun and I Survived!

Dita - The Queen of Burlesque

Hurrah!  I’ve just done my second spinning class and I did way way WAY better tonight than I did last week!  I completed pretty much all of it – missing the odd second of standing on pedals here and there because I can’t co-ordinate myself to stand on the pedals, keep pedalling and alter the resistance all at once…  So I’m feeling pretty darn good about myself at the moment even if I do need a shower (sorry if TMI).

Big difference this time is that I set the bike up properly – last week I think the seat was too far forward and it definitely wasn’t high enough.  I also went in with a rather stubborn mind set that this class was not going to beat me.  So that’s two classes down and six to go – I’m already thinking about what I’ll do when they finish!  I fancy something dance based – but not Zumba!

Maybe a Burlesque class or pole dancing?!  Can you imagine!  Oddly a google search reveals one pole dancing school in Norwich and at least three Burlesque schools:  Kitty Golightly (what a fab name), The School of Burlesque,  and Burlesque Norwich!  I might give the pole dancing a go as I can see how that would make you fit and toned and they do some exercise classes too so it sounds like a pretty good bet for all round fitness.  Burlesque sounds mainly like fun!

Believe it or not I used to dance years ago and I love it – it was modern jazz though so nothing like the above!  Also quite stunning considering my lack of co-ordination whilst spinning tonight…  Anyway, doing something dance related sounds like really good fun and I have learnt that if I don’t enjoy it I wont do it – one of the reasons I am not a runner.  I just found it boring.  Cycling and dance however are my kind of fun so that’s what I’ll concentrate on.


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