A Wake Up Photo

Well, hopefully you’ve seen that I’ve made two whole items of clothing!  And I am very proud of myself for completing them.
What I’m not in any way, shape, or form, proud of is the person wearing them.  Me.  

Sorbetto & Ginger

Being brutally honest taking these photos on the self timer of the camera was a hideous shock this evening.

Taking a leaf from other bloggers posts on finished objects, I listed the basics and what I liked and what I didn’t.  I like both of these patterns.  The biggest thing I want to change is the model wearing the clothes, and that’s me.  This is NOT how I look in my head or how I want to look.

I know I am overweight and that my stomach is a mess after making the boy.  And that being overweight doesn’t help at all with the stomach situation.  But I did not realise that I looked that bad.  It makes me want to cry, but that would be self-pitying and I got myself into this mess and I’m the only one who can get myself out of it.

So this is my action plan:

*  Stop snacking
being honest I snack a lot and it’s not on good things.
*  Make healthy soup and have that at lunch time
*  Reduce portion sizes at evening meal
*  Move more.
I have an exercise bike and I will do 30 minutes a day on it and I will get up earlier to make sure I get it done.
I will also do an exercise DVD 3 times a week.
*  Publish my weight and measurements on this blog so that I am accountable 

It’s a simple recipe – consume fewer calories than I use and exercise to help with the deficit and to tone up.  I’m 30 in November and I don’t want to look like this.

Today is done.

Sunday 12 June 2011 is day 1 of the journey to a new me.  I’ve started a new blog, girlgetsthin.wordpress.com to document my journey.


2 thoughts on “A Wake Up Photo

  1. Good for you to make a commitment to be a healthier you! I recommend finding some raw veggies that you love and having those on hand for “easy snacking”. Part of the reason that we grab for chips or chocolate when we are hungary is that it is easily accessible. If you have fresh veggies washed and cut, they become an easy snack that is good for you. There are so many choices out there, try some new ones hadn’t thought of before.

    (I just found your blog today, and felt compelled to encourage you). Good luck!

  2. Found you after you found me over at FTYC. Thanks for the comment!
    This breaks my heart. The first thing you have to do is love your body as it is and be proud of yourself. Your body MADE A PERSON! Do you realize how amazing that is?! Also your body gets you through your life everyday. LOVE IT!
    If you would like to lose some weight and improve your health, that is wonderful. But you have to love yourself where you are now. You don’t berate your children to help them “improve” so don’t berate yourself. Talk to yourself like a good friend. Encourage and forgive yourself.
    Read Alreadypretty.com please. Best wishes!

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