Why I Love Janome

I have to admit, I don’t think I’m likely to sew with anything other than a Janome.  It’s a bold statement to make, and never say never right?  Well I’m pretty much saying never, and I have good reason.  Let me explain.

My Sewing Machine

This is my sewing machine, a JL250.  Well, that’s not a Janome, some may say, it’s a John Lewis machine.  And yep, it is branded as such but underneath it’s a Janome.  It’s in disguise!

Recently I had a query about my machine and Janome were extremely helpful and all was sorted with a phone call.  They were friendly and courteous and called me back when they said they would.  Little things that make a huge difference when it comes to customer service.

And this is my newest acquisition – my 9200D overlocker.  Made by Janome.

My preloved 9200D Overlocker

It’s a preloved overlocker and it came to me with out the manual.  Kinda essential when it’s your first ever overlocker and you’re not at all sure what you’re doing, or what all those knobs do.  Or how to thread it!

Anyway, searching online I couldn’t find a manual to download and the only ones I did find were in online retailers who were asking £10 and postage!  Eurgh.  So I gave Janome a call and explained that I was looking for a manual and could they tell me where I could find one or get one from.  By this point I was resigned to the fact I was going to have to pay for one.  I was put through to parts where a very kind lady said she’d put one in the post for me.  Simple as that.  Isn’t that wonderful?

And in Wednesday morning’s post arrived the manual, and with its help I threaded up the machine (really not hard at all) adjusted a few knobs and dials and she’s working beautifully!

The other reason I’m loyal to my Janome machines is because they are work horses.  They have that reputation and they haven’t refused anything I’ve thrown at them so far – and with bag making there can be a LOT of layers!  I can also get replacement bits (not that I’ve needed to) easily and accessories are also very easy to find and are reasonably priced too.  I can get both machines serviced locally, quickly and for a reasonable price.  As yet I haven’t found anything not to love!


18 thoughts on “Why I Love Janome

  1. Hi, Vicki,

    I stumbled upon your blog while looking for reviews of this sewing machine (of which none exist, other than your post) and was hoping you might answer a few questions.

    How long have you had the JL250? Other than bags, what else have you sewn with it? Any problems at all that you’ve run into (even ones that you’ve resolved)? Do you know anyone else who owns it and likes it? Do you know if Janome sell it under its own brand and model number? I just can’t seem to find any information about it at all…

    I’m tempted to buy it because the price is right and the features I want are mostly there (speed control, computerised controls, quilting accessories), but as a new sewer I’d like to make sure I’m making the right decision, since it’s a pretty big investment for me.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback you can offer!

    Also, I tried to find a link to your Etsy shop… have you already started selling your bags? They’re lovely!


    1. Hi Carmit

      I hope you got my email I sent with my reply, I thought I’d add it to the post too in case any one else wanted to know…

      The query I had about my machine was whether it needed oiling as it was squeaking. The squeak was caused by the multiple layers of corduroy I was sewing through and Janome were very helpful in confirming that and reassuring me!

      I have sewn quilts, bags and clothes on my machine. I’ve also quilted using it and it’s handled all of that with ease.

      It comes with a lot of accessories, including a walking foot which I think is £20+ on its own. I’m not aware of Janome doing an equivalent model. When I bought mine, the nearest Janome branded one was of a lower spec and came with a lot less but cost more!

      I truly wouldn’t swap it as it does everything I want it too.

      If you’ve got a John Lewis near you, they should let you test drive one before you buy, which will give you a feel for the machine.

      Good Luck!

      Vicki x

      PS, I have started selling my bags – there should be a link on the right hand side!

    2. Hi Vicki Kate,
      Wondering if you could help me, I found your page when trying to find a manual for the JL250 sewing machine Been searching for ages and I cannot seem to find one any chance you could help me out I`ve tried John Lewis store but they can`t help
      Thanks Shirley

      1. Hi Vicki .
        I love your blog about this machine which I have had for a number of years myself and find its a great like machine too.I have now just found the switch to lower the feet!But cant get them back up again!! I have lost my manual too.Have you any idea where I could get a new one from?
        Am desperate to start to try free machine embroidery but need the manual.

        Thanks Sue

      2. I am in the same position as you regarding the manual and was wondering if you could be so kind and e mail me a copy please Thanks Olivia

  2. Hello Vicki, lovely blog! As many that dropped here I was searching for the JL250 manual… love it too and lately have been doing some bags too. Would love to see your bags! I found I was the only distracted one but I actually don’t think I ever had it… Any chance you still have the scan? Sorry for the disturbance. Anna

    1. Hi Anna
      Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you – I’ll see if I still have the scans on my computer and try and get them emailed over to you…

  3. Hi
    Can you tell me how to select the second row of stitches on the jl250, please? I turn the dial to 19, but with the next click it’s back to 1 instead of going on to 20. And if you still have a copy of the manual, I’d be forever grateful for a copy. It’s a pretty intuitive machine, isn’t it? Just one or two features I’d like to know more about. X

    1. What you need to do is change the stitch length! Keep going past the buttonhole setting until it’s below 0 and eventually you get a red S.S. This accesses the ‘special stitches’ on the second row. Hope that helps! I’ll have a look and see if I still have a scanned copy of the manual on the computer later today…

      Sent from my overzealous spell checking phone! Please excuse brevity and typos.


      1. Ah, brilliant, thank you. For some reason I had assumed the ss was ‘satin stitch’. It’s my daughter’s machine and I was supposed to be showing her how to use it 🙂
        Thanks for taking the time to reply. Much appreciated.

  4. Hi I hope you can help me. I have the Janome 9200D and have had to re-thread it as my cats found the bobbins too exciting and pulled everything to bits!! 😦 However I have watched the video and religiously (I think) re-threaded as they say but it’s not making any loops!! I cant find my manual anywhere and wonder if you know of an on-line version I can download. I managed to get one for my sewing machine (also Janome), but cant find one for the over-locker. I am a great fan of this overlocker and got it for £200 in John Lewis last year on a promotion. However threading it requires eyes like a hawk and fingers much smaller than mine!!! The video is pretty helpful except for the lower looper bit, which is the most complicated. Hope you can help. Suse

  5. Thanks so much – I just got in touch and they have emailed me a copy!! Brilliant! However if I can brag a little, I persevered with the video and actually managed on the second attempt to get it to work. I am super proud!! Thanks for your help – I am now off to over-lock everything in sight!

  6. Hi Vicki, I was wondering if by any chance you still had a copy of the JL250 manual. My husband bought me one about 9 years ago and it has been sitting in a cupboard ever since. Having watched the Sewing Bee with my kids I thought that I would get it out and have a bash – but to my utter despair I can not find the manual anywhere. I have searched long and hard online but nothing. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Many thanks in advance, Jaq

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