Sewing with Bedding?

Just a thought.  Would you ever sew something to wear from bed sheets?  This is something I’m wondering about and I can’t quite make my mind up, but I think I probably would.

My hesitation in stating a resounding yes is due to not knowing the history of the fabric.  Basically where it’s been and what (or who) has been on it!  But then, doesn’t the same apply to vintage fabric – the history can be unknown, although I guess it’d be unlikely that someone has slept on it!

The reason I sway towards saying yes, I’ll sew with vintage bed sheets is as follows:

It’s a lot of fabric or your £ or $ and is therefore way cheaper than buying off the bolt, as long as the seller is in the same country – international postage gets quite expensive due to the weight!
They’re often quite cheap, even if you wind up on Etsy or eBay.
Some of the prints are gorgeous and don’t look like bedding

Mint Gree and Aqua

 Like the above sheet available on Etsy.  I love the colours and it doesn’t look like bedding to me – well certainly not modern bedding any way!  And as a dress it’s so far from its original purpose I don’t think people would look at it and say “well, that’s made from an old sheet!”.

I think the same is true for this optical print.

Blue and White Optical Sheet

So, would you sew with old sheets, if the print and pattern were right?


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