Meringue and Flowers

So, it’s the simplest things that make me very very happy.  And today it is this:


This is the best meringue I’ve ever made.  Ever!

And I’ve realised where I’ve been going wrong too – I wasn’t beating the mixture enough.  I always chickened out as I was scared of over beating it.  This one I think I got just right.  It’s cracked a bit on cooling, but I can live with that.  I should have taken some pictures of it when I opened the oven door.  It was huge!

It’s destined to become a Pavalova for a family BBQ we’re having this evening.  With cream, raspberries and strawberries.  Some of which will be home grown.

Don't you just love how the sunlight makes the fruit glow?

It’s such a glorious day today it would be a shame not to spend it out side, so we’re going for a walk with the family and assorted dogs after lunch and then having a BBQ.


This is Stamford, my brother-in-law’s Black Labrador who we’re looking after this weekend, and who’ll be joining us on the walk.

The garden is doing beautifully after all the rain we’ve had and is getting very colourful!  What ever you’re up to today, I hope you have a lovely time.

Red Day Lilly
Orange Day Lilly
Fox Glove
Climbing Rose
Yellow Day Lilly

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