I’m in Love with Tumblr

I’ve stumbled upon something that I can only describe as a visual blog platform.  And that’s Tumblr.

I set up my page over the weekend and it’s rapidly filling up with images, video, quotes and links.  I haven’t got as far as adding audio, using the chat icon or the text.  Well I’ll probably never use the text because I babble on here!

What I love is that I can tag my images, I can link to stuff I find on the web and it’ll display the image and I can set a ‘click through link’ so that the picture takes me (or anyone who wants to have a look-see) to the original source! I can even search my tags.

There’s a mish-mash of stuff on there at the moment, ranging from details of my very small vintage pattern collection and current patterns, to links to patterns I want to make.  I’ve also got interior decoration ideas in there (can you tell I’m doing up the boy’s new room?!) and quotes that I’ve stumbled across that speak to me.

It’s fascinating looking at other’s tumblr’s too!

Why have they styled the girl on the right with a leek in her hair?!

And on an unrelated note, why as the girl got a leek on her head in this post from Burda?!?!


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