Modern Fashion vs Historical Fashion

Peter, of Male Pattern Boldness, wrote a post yesterday about models and fashion advertising.  It’s really interesting and the comments, as ever on Peter’s blog, are thought provoking and have been thought through by the authors.  However, Peter hit a nail on the head for me when, in a comment he wrote in response, he said

“I think it’s also that years ago people — women and men — aspired to look mature. Not old, but grown up.” 

That one sentence I think explains far more succinctly than I have managed to explain why I am drawn towards vintage styles and styling.  There are very few elements of modern fashion I like.  There is a lot in vintage and vintage inspired that I do.  I aspire to look mature in a grown up way.  I’m approaching 30, I’m a Mother.  I don’t want to look like I’m out every night getting trashed.  I want to look beautiful, capable.  An adult, not someone playing at it.


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