Make This Look by Sew Weekly

Have you seen this feature on the Sew Weekly?

Ready to wear (RTW) dresses are interpreted and pattern and fabric suggestions are given so that we can make something similar at home, if we choose.  It’s only been running a short while but there are some really beautiful ideas in there!  It’s also meaning that my ‘want to sew’ list is getting longer and longer and longer!

These are my current 3 favourites:

Inspired by a Dorothy Perkins dress


Inspired by River Island Dress


Inspired by Monsoon Dress

They all have a slightly vintage flavour (as could be expected from Sew Weekly!).  It’s the possibilities that are suggested that inspires me the most.  I have never even thought to look at something RTW and then research a pattern and fabric to make an ‘inspired by’ version.  I normally get caught up on a detail I like, such as a neckline or fastening which I will then use (or dream of using).  It’s all food for thought.  It’s also shown me patterns that I may never have considered either and helped me see beyond the envelope styling.  A skill that can only help me create the type of garments I love to wear, which is the whole point of sewing my own clothes at the end of the day!


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