Me Made June 2011

I keep nosing at Zoe’s blog So Zo... and she is the brains behind the Me Made Month.  A month where participants pledge to wear at least one (if not more) me made item each day.  I really enjoy following some of the people that participate, in particular Zoe, Tasia and Tilly.  I find their posts inspiring and help me develop ideas for my eventual me made wardrobe.

Zoe has posted about the effect a negative comment has had on her.  I think it was possibly a throw away comment which wasn’t given a lot of thought by the author, however Zoe deals with it well in her post.  It seems to be a fact of life that by putting yourself out there on the web flippant (or sometimes just down right cruel) comments can knock us off balance.  I fully second the response left by Kathy Vaughan:

“For those of us who are just becoming acquainted with interaction between fellow seamstresses, the Me-Made challenges are a great way to get initiated. For the first couple we sit because we don’t have enough, we gain inspiration. We continue to sew more so that we can actively participate in the next one. We are working with fervor for the next one. Please tell me there will be a next one. We want to make new friends and not keep sitting on the sidelines just watching. I don’t want it to be over. I’m just getting started. But that’s only my humble opinion.”

She also touches on some points that I’m starting to use brain space for about turning 30.  It’s the last paragraph of the post:

‘The other benefit I’ve experienced in Me-Made-June ’11 that I’ve found to be more pronounced than through previous challenges, and that is one of body/self-image. Now, unfortunately like most women I’d say, I have a pretty distorted and constantly shifting view of my body and appearance. Some days I think I look pretty good, other days, to be frank, I detest what I see (or think I see). In fact, my view can swing back and forth from these extremes within hours, let alone days. I know that it’s all the result of a construct of media manipulation of female imagery and advertising etc., and I’d like to think I have a more balanced view than many, but it still effects me and I do waste precious brain space thinking about what I look like and how I am subsequently viewed. Since turning 30 in many ways I have become much more confident and relaxed, but I can also sense myself and my life moving from one distinct period towards another unknown one. And that’s pretty unsettling. My face is changing, my body is changing, what is expected of me is changing, and although I’d say I’ve answered (or chosen not to answer) a lot of the issues that seem to arise, my self-perception is still in flux. Seeing a whole month’s worth of images of myself, as someone else sees me has actually calmed me down a bit and stopped my imagination running out of control. A solid record of a month of my life, a month of myself.”

Now if taking part in something as simple as a Me Made month has helped with self perception and image that can only be another fantastic reason to take part.  As well as the inspiration, wardrobe development, style development and sharing of sewing and sewn clothing.  So to the negative comment I would say, OK it’s not new any more, however I don’t think its something on the wane – I believe that it’s growing.


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