Lonsdale and a Sew Along!

OK, I’m getting a little over excited over here!  The Lonsdale pattern is being shipped imminently and I can’t wait to get my paws on it!  It’s got to make it to me here in the UK from Canada, but it’ll soon be on its way – Hurrah!

And what’s even better is that there’s going to be a sewalong for the dress.  Starting the 1st of August by the sounds of it.  I haven’t actually participated in one of Tasia’s sewalongs but have read the posts for the Pendrell blouse and followed along with the crescent skirt sewalong.  Both have had all sorts of tips and tricks and techniques in them, so I’m looking forward to this as a learning experience as well as having a lovely dress by the end of it.

I'm planning view B

I’m planning on doing the maxi length, so according to the pattern envelope I’ll need 5 1/4 yards of 44″ fabric or 4 1/2 yards of 59″ fabric.

This is the one I think I’m going to go for:

Fabric for a Maxi Dress

It’s an ivory back ground with blue water colour style roses all over it.  Each rose is a little larger than a 5 pence piece, or about 6/8″ across, so a small-ish print.  It’s a poly-cotton so should be reasonably easy care.  It’s 44″ wide so I’ll need 4.8m of it but as I’ll need to grade the bodice pattern I’ll order 6m so I’ve got spare fabric should I need it.

Speaking of grading I’m working on grading the Pendrell blouse pattern up and will share my progress with you soon…  I’ve done the maths side of things, I now need to trace the pattern, slash and spread and then re-trace the sized pattern before making a muslin…  I’ll take photos as I go so you can see what I did.  Wish me luck!

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