Pendrell So Far

Pendrell Progress...

Here it is so far.  It’d look better on a dress form, but I don’t have one of those (here’s hoping for my birthday in November!).  The extra fabric from the FBA is what’s causing the sagging.  I had to add an extra 2 1/2″ at each of the front princess seams.  My cups runneth over and then some!  I’d be happier with a much smaller chest but then I know there are those out there who’d like a much bigger one!  We always want what we don’t have…

But back to the sewing!  All I’ve got to do now is do the arm hole binding, sew up the side seams and hem it.  Also known as post 16 of the sew along from back in January / February of this year.

Sewing this is very, very, quick.  I’ve got all of this done in a couple of hours and I’m not Speedy Gonzales when sewing!  I’m quite pleased with it so far.  I haven’t managed to put a flower over either bust apex so there shouldn’t be a bulls eye on the chest and I’m really liking the upcycled duvet cover fabric!

One thing I’m not so chuffed about is that the shoulder seam doesn’t line up where it’s intersected by the princess seam on one side, but I’m happy to live with it, particularly as there’s a load of pattern there so it’s not too glaringly obvious.  The other shoulder is perfect though and I can’t see what I did differently!!

So, hopefully, I’ll have a finished item to show tomorrow…


One thought on “Pendrell So Far

  1. Absolutely love your fabric choice! The Pendrell is on my summer to do list but I have been shying away from it so far. Looking forward to seeing yours once completed.

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