Colette’s New Patterns!

Ooh, have a look at these beauties!

Colette's New Pattern - Jasmine
Notched sleeved Jasmine and Cigarette Pants Clover

This shirt is called Jasmine and has gathered or notched sleeves with such a cute tie detail around the neck.  To my eye a sort-of peter pan with a twist collar.  Either way I love this…  Would navy with a white collar be a bit too much, or classic?  I’m loving the turquoise on white print of the first view.

Clover is a trouser (OK, pants for my trans-atlantic friends) pattern.  Cigarette pants to be precise. Cigarette pants however do me no favours, but if they look amazing on you then get yourself the pattern!

Colette's New Peony Dress
Peony with short sleeves

And this is the Peony dress.  It’s the boat neck, or slash neck that I’m loving the most.  And the 3/4 length sleeves.  Perfect for showing off bracelets and bangles, and not getting dragged on grubby desks!  I’m thinking about grey with the waist band in teal (it’s removable dontcha know!).  I love the black and white with neon tights ensemble though too.  Although I would never get away with this where I work.  Sigh.

They’re available to pre-order now, but I am trying to be good and not click on checkout just yet…  Hmm, more contenders for my birthday wish list maybe?

And as a random thought, I love the model’s hair in the shoots.  Whilst I have no fringe, anyone have any thoughts on how to recreate that look?


This and That and a Sewing Job Opportunity?

I couldn’t think of a proper title for this post and as it’s a little bit about this, that and the other, what I ended up with seems appropriate!

I’ve made progress on a number of sewing / creative fronts over the bank holiday weekend.  Not as much as I’d like as we spent a lot of time sorting bits and bobs so that photovoltaic panels can be fitted on the roof.  Well, husband did and I entertained boy / stopped him climbing into the loft / generally kept him out of the way…

But here’s what I have done, in no particular order:

Ordered my circle skirt fabric, the plaid I posted about earlier.
Graded and muslined my Crescent skirt waistband.  Then removed a load of the grading so it fitted – why do I always add too much?!
Pre-washed the fabric for my Cresecent and two Pendrells.
Cut the pieces for my Crescent and re-read Tasia’s sew along posts.
Dithered about whether I’m going to add red piping to the Crescent or red top stitching.  It’s a solid navy, and I think I’m veering towards the topstitching, but just on the curved seams.  A line either side of the seam line.
Researched (and not got very far…) an alternative to Tricot as its not readily available here in the UK.  I need it for the bonus petticoat instructions Casey’s doing with the circle skirt sew along.

Ooh, and signed up as a pattern tester for Tasia’s Sewaholic.  It’s just an expression of interest at the moment – go on, you know you want to do that job too.  Go over to her blog, read a bit more and sign up!  I’d love to get involved in something like this…  Getting a sneak peak at a new pattern, proof reading and sewing, heaven!

I’ve also started knitting the hat I babbled on about a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve done the first repeat of the cabling and am a few rounds into the second.  Still a while to go until it’s done but I’m enjoying the knitting!

Sewing Progress

This evening I’ve graded the waist band of the crescent skirt, and hope to make up a muslin to check the fit tomorrow.  I may even be able to cut the fabric tonight!  So I’m a little bit light headed from over exposure to Sharpie marker pen fumes…  I’ve been following the Snug Bug’s method, but wont be grading the pocket, just moving it over to the new side seam.  I’ll then follow Tasia’s sew along posts on her Sewaholic blog.

I’ve also been fabric stalking for Casey’s Circle Skirt sewalong!  I love the colour combination of chocolate and turquoise, so I really like this fabric! As it’s a plaid / tartan I’ll have to be careful matching the seams, but it will give a really pretty chevron effect!  I think quite a wide waistband will also be a good idea – 2 to 3″ probably.

I think a lining in turquoise and the skirts seam binding in the cerise would look amazing.  It’s a polyviscose though which is good for the pennies, but means the lining will have to be anti-static! I’d like to find some horsehair braid to give the hem some fullness and I may even invest in a crinoline / petticoat to give it that added woosh…

I’ve also faffed with the Pendrell I made last month in preparation for some production line sewing.  I’ve taken an inch out at each side seam, so 4″ in total which makes it look a lot better.  I’ve also taken a good 6″ off the bottom as it was way way way too long!  Even though I’ve lopped all that length off, it’s still plenty long enough to tuck in, but wont look daft untucked either!

Planning an Autumn Wardrobe

OK, my Lonsdale never made it as far as the cutting table.  I’m going to add it to my sewing list for next summer.  I just couldn’t find the fabric I had in my head for it.  So I think I’ll wait, keep looking and make it in the spring for next summer when it’ll get a lot of wear.  You never know, they may have sorted my wretched hormones out and I’ll be a tad smaller?  This running has to pay off sometime…

So, for this autumn I plan to concentrate on separates.  Here are my ideas…

Pendrell: in striped shirting with cap sleeves.  Probably multiples!  I wonder if this would look good layered over a long sleeve T.  Or would that be too casual for work?  Oh, and of course my gorgeous butterfly / moth fabric.

Shirting from Ditto Fabrics

Circle skirt: in solids and maybe a plaid if I feel confident in matching them…  Navy, purple and maybe a border print with some teal or turquoise.  This pattern from Burda is kinda where I’m thinking.  Ooh, chocolate baby cord?

Linda Skirt - Burda

Beignette:  In solids.  Again in a deep purple, navy, deep red wine colour and maybe even a pinstripe?  I have some cute indigo buttons…

Ginger:  See above!  Maybe another polkadot one in a dusky teal?  I fancy bias though as I think it may hang a little better in the heavier fabric…  Definitely a straight waist band.

Gah, I forgot the Crescent skirt too – and I have a really sweet vintage-esque navy with stylised flowers printed on it too…

You see, my plan is that these will all be wearable for work, with tights.

I’m also going to need to think about my casual, running around with boy outfits.  And these will have to involve trousers some of the time- I’d love to make them I just don’t know where to start.  I do love this burda pattern though:

Bella Trouser - Burda

I Have Actually Been Doing Some Sewing…

Embroidery Fit for a Toddler!

As a very busy person (Mum, Wife, Employee, general Secretary for my husband’s plumbing business, home maker, house keeper… You get the idea!) having an original idea never seems to happen.  Which is why I love all the blogs out there – so much inspiration – and once again I need to credit another for giving me a shove down another creative road.

Casey blogged about her embroidery, which interested me so I followed her link to the stencils she was using.  And then did some more web based research.  This led me to Urban Threads.

I love their quirky designs, and have used them to produce this triptych for Boy’s bedroom.  Not as traditional as Casey’s choices, but perfect for brightening up a toddler’s bedroom and a lot of fun to sew.  And quick too – a bit of instant gratification!  Sometimes that’s just what the doctor orders.

I’ve embroidered onto bits of Calico (Muslin for my US and Canadian friends) that are either off cuts from making trial-run garments or have been salvaged from the trial runs themselves  (I transfer all the changes from the fabric to the paper patterns as it makes storage more compact).

So what’s not to love?  Something fun, beautiful and has a bit of recycling thrown in for good measure!

Work In Progress

I had planned to show you my completed embroidery project today.  Only problem is it’s not completed yet.  I hope to make some more progress on it tonight and then I should be able to share some pictures with your tomorrow?

I’m also going to be digging my knitting needles out again as I fancy a new slouchy beret style hat for winter.  And I’ve got some gorgeous deep turquoise tweed wool to make it up with.  The shade is number 51 and is called Mermaid.

I plan to make this pattern from the Ravelry site.  It’s called the star crossed slouchy beret and is a pattern by Natalie Larson

Drafting Toolkit

Drafting Basics

Casey posted a while ago asking what our sewing related questions where, and I responded that I’d love to know what her drafting kit was as it’s something I’m beginning to explore.  Well, she’s only done a whole blog post answering my question!!!  Have a read here.

I’ll have to see if I can find something similar to the banner paper and examination paper over here in the UK as everything I’ve sewn so far has needed some sort of adjustment (normally a FBA).  Plus I like to trace my patterns and use the tracings, leaving the original wholly intact.

Since asking the question my kit has expanded a little and now contains:

Tape Measure
Yard Stick
French Curve
Tracing Paper
Sharpies in a LOT of different colours (they were on offer in the Back to School stationery at the supermarket)
Paper scissors
And of course, a pencil and eraser!

And, take note of this:

“This seemed a particularly apropos question to address, since I’ll be doing a little pattern drafting instruction in the upcoming circle skirt sew-along. (Don’t worry though, you won’t need all these tools—I’ll give you a supply list when the time comes!)”

Sounds like fun to me!