Drafting Toolkit

Drafting Basics

Casey posted a while ago asking what our sewing related questions where, and I responded that I’d love to know what her drafting kit was as it’s something I’m beginning to explore.  Well, she’s only done a whole blog post answering my question!!!  Have a read here.

I’ll have to see if I can find something similar to the banner paper and examination paper over here in the UK as everything I’ve sewn so far has needed some sort of adjustment (normally a FBA).  Plus I like to trace my patterns and use the tracings, leaving the original wholly intact.

Since asking the question my kit has expanded a little and now contains:

Tape Measure
Yard Stick
French Curve
Tracing Paper
Sharpies in a LOT of different colours (they were on offer in the Back to School stationery at the supermarket)
Paper scissors
And of course, a pencil and eraser!

And, take note of this:

“This seemed a particularly apropos question to address, since I’ll be doing a little pattern drafting instruction in the upcoming circle skirt sew-along. (Don’t worry though, you won’t need all these tools—I’ll give you a supply list when the time comes!)”

Sounds like fun to me!

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