I Have Actually Been Doing Some Sewing…

Embroidery Fit for a Toddler!

As a very busy person (Mum, Wife, Employee, general Secretary for my husband’s plumbing business, home maker, house keeper… You get the idea!) having an original idea never seems to happen.  Which is why I love all the blogs out there – so much inspiration – and once again I need to credit another for giving me a shove down another creative road.

Casey blogged about her embroidery, which interested me so I followed her link to the stencils she was using.  And then did some more web based research.  This led me to Urban Threads.

I love their quirky designs, and have used them to produce this triptych for Boy’s bedroom.  Not as traditional as Casey’s choices, but perfect for brightening up a toddler’s bedroom and a lot of fun to sew.  And quick too – a bit of instant gratification!  Sometimes that’s just what the doctor orders.

I’ve embroidered onto bits of Calico (Muslin for my US and Canadian friends) that are either off cuts from making trial-run garments or have been salvaged from the trial runs themselves  (I transfer all the changes from the fabric to the paper patterns as it makes storage more compact).

So what’s not to love?  Something fun, beautiful and has a bit of recycling thrown in for good measure!


One thought on “I Have Actually Been Doing Some Sewing…

  1. How adorable!!!! I absolutely love these! What a perfect way to re-use left over muslin in an eco friendly way. Been meaning to try embroidery for a while but I’m worried that I already have way too many hobbies on the go. Wait… is that a link to an embroidery site I see on your post? Gotta go check it out immediately.

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