This and That and a Sewing Job Opportunity?

I couldn’t think of a proper title for this post and as it’s a little bit about this, that and the other, what I ended up with seems appropriate!

I’ve made progress on a number of sewing / creative fronts over the bank holiday weekend.  Not as much as I’d like as we spent a lot of time sorting bits and bobs so that photovoltaic panels can be fitted on the roof.  Well, husband did and I entertained boy / stopped him climbing into the loft / generally kept him out of the way…

But here’s what I have done, in no particular order:

Ordered my circle skirt fabric, the plaid I posted about earlier.
Graded and muslined my Crescent skirt waistband.  Then removed a load of the grading so it fitted – why do I always add too much?!
Pre-washed the fabric for my Cresecent and two Pendrells.
Cut the pieces for my Crescent and re-read Tasia’s sew along posts.
Dithered about whether I’m going to add red piping to the Crescent or red top stitching.  It’s a solid navy, and I think I’m veering towards the topstitching, but just on the curved seams.  A line either side of the seam line.
Researched (and not got very far…) an alternative to Tricot as its not readily available here in the UK.  I need it for the bonus petticoat instructions Casey’s doing with the circle skirt sew along.

Ooh, and signed up as a pattern tester for Tasia’s Sewaholic.  It’s just an expression of interest at the moment – go on, you know you want to do that job too.  Go over to her blog, read a bit more and sign up!  I’d love to get involved in something like this…  Getting a sneak peak at a new pattern, proof reading and sewing, heaven!

I’ve also started knitting the hat I babbled on about a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve done the first repeat of the cabling and am a few rounds into the second.  Still a while to go until it’s done but I’m enjoying the knitting!

One thought on “This and That and a Sewing Job Opportunity?

  1. Wow – sounds like you have a ton of stuff on the go! I also always add too much extra to my patterns when I grade… it’s the fear that they won’t fit and then I’ve wasted the fabric. Looking forward to seeing your new slouchy hat once it’s done 🙂

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