I think this is 3552, but for £0.62 it's the most AMAZING bargain!

Not really a word, more a noise of…  Well, frustration and a bit of jealousy?

First the annoyance and a message to Casey’s ISP: FIX. IT. NOW.  Don’t you know there are women out here who want to draft a circle skirt and need our beautiful and talented guru?  Humph.

And the slightly green eyed monster comes courtesy of Meena’s $1 per pattern haul.  At todays rate that’s about 62p a pattern.  That pattern up the top there, that’s the one I’m most envious of.  I love the neckline.  Sigh.

However, on a more positive note I’m now up to the decreases on my hat and I have to say I am loving it lots.  I’ve also just got to stitch the facing of my crescent skirt down and hem it and it’s all done.  I’m really pleased with the finish on the skirt – I’ll try and take some photos tomorrow and bore you all silly with them.  There’s french seams, turned and stitched seam finished and even some bias binding…  To keep the inside looking so beautiful, these two steps will be done by hand.  Yep, I’m a bit weird like that!  But it’s one of the things that I think separates hand made and RTW (ready to wear) – that quite often the inside is as well finished as the outside.


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