Reasons To Be Cheerful…

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Today hasn’t been the best day.  For one very simple reason – my department was given the timelines for four full-time equivalent redundancies.  At least four people are going to lose their job to meet cost saving targets.

I work in an enforcement role for the County Council.  So we have known that these redundancies were on the horizon for about two years now.  Today has made it definite though and come the new year some of us wont be doing what we do now.  We’ll find out who is going between 21 November and Christmas.  The entire department and the way we operate is also being changed, and we’ll see the proposed new structure for that by the end of this week, or possibly Monday.

So on a professional front, it’s all a bit unsettling and unknown at the moment.  So to try to stop myself from getting upset and ‘down in the dumps’ about it all I decided to make a list of ten positive things in my life, right now.

1.  My Husband.  He’s there through thick and thin, my health problems, and he’s my biggest support (as well as being an incredible pain in the posterior sometimes too!).  Together there’s nothing we can’t do.  And he’s the Father of number 2…

2.  My Son.  He’s my biggest responsibility, my greatest teacher and a huge source of joy.  Since being a Mum I have discovered strength, patience and a level of fierceness I didn’t know I had.  I would stand in the way of an angry mob to protect that child, run into a burning building…  I’d do anything to keep him safe.

3.  My Family.  A source of strength, support and laughter.  I get on better with my sisters now than I ever did when we lived together.  Together we end up laughing so hard we cry, and sometimes you need that.

4.  My Friends.  I don’t have a huge network of friends, but those I do have will be there for me through thick and thin.  They have already.  I know I can count on them and they know they can count on me.

5.  The online sewing community.  For being a source of knowledge, for educating me, inspiration and motivation.  At any time of day or night and all across the globe.  It’s quite amazing what some fabric, thread and an internet connection can achieve!

6.  My ability to create.  It’s an outlet for my creativity and when I create it gives me thinking time.  It helps me unwind and decompress.

7.  My Home.  My slightly bonkers early 70’s heavily modified home.  It’s an eco-friendly, solar-powered, solar and wood fire heated safe haven and my castle.  It’s a joint effort between me and my Husband to create somewhere for us to live and grow and bring up a family.  In a sustainable way.

8.  My Colleagues.  We care about what we do and we care about each other.  We are a team.

9.  My (mostly) good health.  I’ve had my issues and I’m still dealing with some.  But I’ve got a happy and healthy son.  I can still do the things I want to do and I have the health care I need to manage my Prolactinoma.

10.  An ability to Adapt.  Change happens.  Sometimes through choice, sometimes through evolution, sometimes it’s imposed upon you.  I can adapt though.  I’ve been made redundant before and I survived.  I adapted.  It’s a life skill, one I’m going to need to a greater or lesser extent in the next few months.

So, although there is some uncertainty in my future, there’s a lot more that’s good in the here and now and a lot will still be here no matter what happens as far as my job is concerned.  I hope this wasn’t too much of a melancholy post.  It’s cathartic to write this down and put it out there, if nothing else as a reminder to appreciate the good and get everything into perspective in the coming weeks.

One thought on “Reasons To Be Cheerful…

  1. Ahhh… pants 😦 re: the work situation. I went through something similar a few years ago, and you surprise yourself with how deeply it can affect your emotions and sense of self. Yet, coming out the other end you also reflect (as you have done above) upon all the positive and wonderful things you have in your life that truly sustain and support you.

    I hope it works out all for the best for you 🙂

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