Pins and Needles in My Arm!

Actually, there isn’t.  All because of my rather lovely pin cushion cuff / bracelet!

After wrangling the yardage of fabric a couple of evenings ago for my circle skirt, I decided to finally do something about my pins.  I don’t know about you, but whenever I need to put a pin in, or take a pin out my pin cushion is always in a slightly or very awkward place!  So, the solution seemed to be a portable pin cushion.  One on my wrist to be precise!

So I did a bit of Google-mooching and couldn’t find any that I liked that were for sale anywhere.  I couldn’t even find anything on Etsy that was what I wanted.  I then stumbled across a free tutorial from Keyka Lou.  I like Keyka Lou, I’ve bought a number of her bag patterns and they’re all very good and her pin cushion cuff tutorial was just the style I was looking for.

I did make a couple of alterations though.  The first being to add a small disk of plastic in between the calico and patterned fabric of the pad so that the pins couldn’t poke me in the wrist whilst I was using it, rather than putting the plastic in the cuff.  The hole in the centre of the plastic was to allow me to bind the pad with the embroidery thread.  My fabric is 3″ diameter and the circle is 1″.

Plastic circle ready to go into the empty cushion pad

The other was to add a layer of calico to the wrist strap to give it a bit more body.  I also didn’t top stitch it either as I sewed the pad on through a layer of cotton and calico, leaving the layer next to my skin free of thread or knots.  This meant that I needed access in thought the hole that I turned the cuff right side out.  I slip stitched the gap on the cuff shut once the pad was sewn in place.

And here’s my finished cushion!  I tried to photograph it on, but my arms aren’t long enough and all I could get in focus were my finger tips, so you’ll just have to admire it as it lounges on my sewing machine.

Finished wrist pin cushion

This used hardly any fabric and was made from some scraps I had lying around.  The stuffing is from an old pillow, and again hardly any was needed.  All in, it was a really quick thing to make and will make using my pins and therefore my sewing a little easier.

And on a completely unrelated note, you should pop over to So, Zo… as she has decided to give away the amazing refashion she did for Miss P’s blog.  If you’re a 30″ waist and a 40″ hip then the amazing pencil skirt she made could be yours!  Ah, my hips would fit, but not yet my post baby waist.  So, go.  Ask before Sunday night and maybe Zoe will provide you with her skirt!

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