Cosy Cabled Fog

7 Rows of Ribbing completed...

Evangeline Fog; that’s what I’ve named the fingerless mits I cast on yesterday.  They’re a pattern available on Ravelry called Evangeline.  Reading the notes of others who have already completed the pattern it’s evident that a thumb gusset makes them more comfortable to wear.  Hence the fog as I’ve taken the thumb gusset from a pattern called Vancouver Fog and spliced it onto the Evangeline.

I’m knitting them using the magic loop two at a time method to try to avoid the dreaded second sock syndrome.  I struggled with how to get started and this video shows you what to do.  I guess I’m a pretty visual learner as once I’d seen it (rather than reading the instructions I’d found elsewhere) I got it!

I wanted to use a super stretchy cast on, unfortunately it doesn’t work too well with textured wool so I’ve done a knitted cast on instead.  I’ll definitely be using this with the next pair of socks I make though!

I plan to finish with the stretchy bind off though, which looks like it will work well with any sort of wool!

Hopefully these wont take too long, although I’m going to have to concentrate when doing the thumb gussets and working two at the same time…  I may take one-off at that point and finish one glove before finishing the next as frogging (ripping out) would be difficult!  Anyway, I plan to knit on the sofa with the Mr when I’m not progressing my circle skirt…

Got to love a sheep stitch marker!

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