Obsessive Seam Finishing

The zip insertion post was posted yesterday by Casey (with an additonal little note today) so yesterday I cracked on with my circle skirt and got the side seams done.

Now I have a real thing about it looking lovely and gorgeous on the inside and my inability to finish zip insertions really neatly bugs the heck out of me.  But I think I might have worked out how to do it…  I’ll have a go later and see if my plan works out.  Expect a photo heavy post tomorrow!

But I digress.  Side seams.  Well, their finish to be exact.  You may accuse me of over finishing them…

Serged and Turned and Stitched

Yup, that’s a serged then folded and stitched seam allowance.

Why?  Why finish it twice?!  Well, I can sort of explain:

I love my serger, I do.  I really do.  And thankfully she’s got a lower dose of attitude than Oona’s.  But whilst the finish is effective, it’s also a bit, well, utalitarian.  Perfect when sewing knits together and all that but this is a circle skirt for twirling my way through autumn, winter and possibly a bit of spring too.  I want it to be gorgeous on the inside as well as the outside.  And I love how a turned and stitched seam allowance looks.  So I serged prior to construction (the fabric frays if you even look at it!) and then pressed and turned and stitched and pressed again.

Do you like my grading from my turned and stitched hem to just the serged finish?  That’s where the zips going to be so I didn’t want any more bulk.

And the really insane thing?  This is going to be lined.  You’re not even going to be able to see the inside of the plaid.  And I’ll finish the lining in just the same way.  Just because I can.


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