A Question About Give Aways

I’m plotting and planning a give away for my 30th Birthday in November.  And I’d like to make it a really good one!  I think I know what I’d like to give, and plans are well underway, but I would also like a bit of feedback on the process.

It’s common to see give aways that have entry criteria: you need to become a follower, or link back to the post on your own blog, for example.  Some of which mean that you get multiple entries.  Does this ever put you off entering?  Or do you like the option of having more than one entry?

What is a reasonable timescale to have a giveaway open for?  Is a week about right, too long or too short?  If there’s a multiple of a giveaway, would you prefer that you express a preference in your entry comment, or have a separate post for each item.  And should they run at the same time or one after the other?

I’m really hoping that what I’m planning will be exciting and something that you’d like to receive.  But sometimes the process is just as important, so I’d like to make that as enjoyable as possible too.  Any opinions you’re willing to share, advice or information you have on running a give away too, would be really useful.

3 thoughts on “A Question About Give Aways

  1. i host giveaways on my blog sometimes (in fact, i have one going on right now!) it’s reallyreally fun. i only require ONE thing: that people visit the shop of whatever it is i’m giving away and then comment on their favorite item. it’s a good way for the artist/ shop owner who sponsoring the giveaway to get a feel of what their target audience really loves. it makes it really easy for people to enter, too.

    some bloggers will offer “extra” entries, but i feel like that can be misleading to the artist/ shop owner from a marketing perspective. by just having one entry, it makes it really clear how many people are gaining exposure to the shop. if there are 70 entries, 70 people were directly exposed to the shop. with extra entry giveaways, there could be 70 entires, but with extras, maybe they’re really only from 25 people.

    i ENTER giveaways sometimes, too 🙂 having multiple requirements to enter a giveaway always keeps me from entering. it sorta feels like a homework assignment. and i think it’s weird when people require that i follow them. that’s one of my pet peeves; it feels kinda desperate. but that’s just me. i’m a bit of a weirdo 😉

    best of luck on the giveaway, and have a happy birthday!

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this! As my GA isn’t tied to a specific shop, although a couple of seamstress’ have been very generous, I don’t need to worry about the marketing side of things. I would like to reach as wide an audience as possible though. I’ll keep thinking on the ‘extra entries’… I know what you mean about the fun though – I’m loving the prep for this!

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