Summer and Autumn

We have had the most amazing weather for the last few days, so I thought I’d get a few photos of the amazing colours in our garden at the moment.  I took all these photos on the 2nd October!  We haven’t got any trees changing colour yet as we haven’t had a cold snap to prompt them, but I’m sure it’s on the way!

Grapes growing under our Gazebo

We live in Norfolk, in the UK.  We’ve had three vines on our gazebo and this is the third year and the only time they’ve ripened to the point where they’re edible!

I love the texture and colours
Creeper and Sky

Virginia creeper grows all over the house and in the autumn the back of the house turns red first, as it faces south.  I just love the contrast between the flame red leaves and the bright blue sky.

red on bronze
Grapes and Vines

We’ve had a little bit of a mediterranean feel to the weekend really.  I have to admit though, I do love having separate seasons, it gives you something to mark the year by, and in dark February there’s always the spring to look forward to!


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