Major Screw Up

This is my first ever major sewing disaster:

Oh! Blub.

I managed to catch the centre front panel of my Pendrell when serging the seam allowances yesterday.  I was being so careful too as I was worried I was going to do this.  With good reason it now turns out.

I hoped that I had missed the fabric with the knife and had just caught it with the needles.  I hoped that a bit of unpicking and a lot of ironing and I could salvage the top.  No chance.

Stage Centre Front

As you can see, it’s right over the fullest point of my chest.  I am so mad at myself and so disappointed.  I had to try and be a big girl and not cry.  There were tears in my eyes though as I drafted this; cue the violins!

This was coming together so beautifully.  The seam ruffles were laying perfectly, despite not being cut on the bias.  And I love this fabric.  It was a cheapish eBay find; it’s synthetic but I just loved the colour and the print.  I was really looking forward to wearing this top.  It’s now got nowhere to go but the bin.

Please tell me I’m not the only person who has wrecked a garment that they were beginning to love?!


4 thoughts on “Major Screw Up

  1. Oh, we all carry around the ghosts of wrecked projects on our consciences! Been there so many times, oh, I’m so sorry you had this happen- but don’t throw it out- maybe a plan will come to you….

    1. I actually patched it and finished it! The only problem is that it now appears the full bust point is too low so it rides up my chest and I’d need to take about 2″ out of the centre panel! I think I may just have to admit defeat with this one, or work out some way of making the pleat a feature?!

  2. Oh my! I’m so happy I’m not the only one that has this happen to me!!! Fortunately for me, (maybe) it wasn’t in really obvious places and I the fabric was forgiving so I could just patch it up with a zigzag stitch, but I know it can be really devastating!!

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