How to Appease Sewing Gods

If anyone knows how to do the above I’d be very grateful!  I put the horse hair braid (HHB) into my circle skirt yesterday evening and I’m 30cm short!  5m of braid and I’m 30cm short?!?!?!

So I’ve put in what I’ve got and I’ll go and get a little bit more today and put that in when I get home.  I’ve left a gap! 

I’ve started the hand sewing of the hem and I’ve done about 30%.  It’s actually going faster than I thought.  I may make Casey’s submission deadline of 3pm EST (8pm here) tomorrow!

So, tonight I’ll be super woman!  I need to finish up my husband’s present from our son, print his present from me (a once in lifetime trip…  I’ll divulge more tomorrow), put in the last bit of HHB and finish the hem…  Wish me luck, and that the sewing gods are feeling more favourable towards me than the last few days!


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