Inspiration – Where Do You Get Yours?

I’m really thinking about this at the moment.  For a couple of reasons; firstly because Casey asked where we got the inspiration for our circle skirts and the answers were quite eclectic.  The other reason is because I’m planning what I might wear to my brother-in-law’s wedding next September.  Yep!  Eleven (well ten and a half) months away.

Husband is going to be an Usher and Boy is going to be a Page Boy and is likely going to be in a mini morning suit (tails) with a purple waistcoat.  They haven’t made a decision yet as to whether they’d like Husband to be in morning dress yet or not.  Royal purple (or Cadbury’s purple) is the accent colour for the wedding.  I’m not an official part of the wedding party, but I’d like to incorporate a little purple into my outfit so as to co-ordinate a bit with the men in my life!

So, full on purple is out as I don’t want to look like a bridesmaid.  But an accent in my accessories would be a way of incorporating some purple.  This then led me to which other colours I’d like to wear and I have drawn on my autumn palette of purple, teal, gold, chocolate and navy.  I know that teal is very ‘now’ as a colour but it’s also a colour I love and one I am repeatedly drawn to.

 So I’ve started with something that is synonymous (at least in the UK) with weddings.  Hats!  I’m not entirely comfortable with the huge hat thing, but fascinators I can do.  Actually I love them!  The last wedding I went to was several years ago and as you can see I had a very pale colour scheme going on!

Muted Colours at a Friend's Wedding

 Ah, to be 10st something again!  I’m working on getting back there though.

I spent ages trying on hats and fascinators, eventually deciding on the one you see atop my head in the picture.  Very chic and certainly minimal in the colour department.

For next September though, I’ve chosen this! 

I can't wait to wear this!
Layers of texture and colour

Isn’t it fabulous?!  And the colours I love are there – the purple accent and then the teal and gold and navy in the peacock feathers.  There’s even a hint of chocolate due to the way the colours of the peacock feather change in the light.  Click on the photos to visit the Etsy shop I’ve bought it from.

This isn’t a subtle item in colour, and nor is it subtle in size!  It’s about 5” by 6” so will take up a bit of room on my head.  I plan on wearing it with a purple or teal birdcage veil which I’ll make myself.  I think it would look beautiful with a chignon, victory rolls or loose hair with a curl to it.  To be honest, what I’ll do with my hair is a whole other pondering and inspiration gathering session…  You can get veil’s like the one below on Etsy, click on the photo to go to the seller’s shop.

How I plan to style it with a birdcage veil in purple or teal

So, that’s my starting point.  I really need to decide on a dress pattern though.  But of course, I intend to make my dress!  I have absolutely no intention of wearing anything that someone else might wear, plus it gives me the opportunity to make it exactly the way I want it!  This is some of the justification in starting this whole process now.  I hope to start making my dress in June.  That would give me three months to get it done – it’s not something I want to rush!  I don’t want to rush the research or planning stages either as sometimes that’s just as much, if not more fun!

I love Colette’s Peony dress, but would want a fuller skirt.  Like Gertie’s amazing yellow dress.  In fact, something more akin to Immodesty Blaize’s nude illusion dress with the bateau neckline, three-quarter sleeves and full skirt. 

Take the skirt of Gertie's Dress...
And add Immodesty Blaize's dress bodice

A mash-up of the Peony bodice and a circle skirt will most likely give the silhouette I’m aspiring to. 

The next decision then is the fabric.  And at the moment I have no clue!  I would love to use the fabric from Gorgeous fabrics I blogged about here, but it’s just too expensive.  Sigh.  So  window/web shopping is called for – I can’t think of a better way to while away some time…


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