The Colette Sewing Handbook and

There is so much buzz in the sewing community about Sarai’s imminent debut in the world of books.  Loads of us have pre-ordered and here in the UK its no different.  Then last night those that had used got this email:


We regret to report that the release of the following item has been cancelled:

 Sarai Mitnick “The Colette Sewing Handbook: 5 Fundamentals for a Great Sewing Experience”

Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available.  This item has now been cancelled from your order #000-0000000-0000000 and we can confirm that you have not been charged for it.

Please accept our apologies for any disappointment or inconvenience caused.

You may visit the product detail page(s) above to see if these item(s) are available from other sellers.

To view the current status and the costs associated with your order, please visit Your Account (


Customer Service Department

My first reaction to that was WTF?!  Particularly as Sarai had blogged about it being on the shelves a bit earlier so I was expecting an email saying that the order had shipped, not been cancelled!

Anyway, Sarai is looking into what is going on but in the mean time if you’re in the UK get over to and you can pre-order it there.  International shipping is free too!

So, sorry Amazon.  You’ve just lost a load of customers over this.  Fingers crossed that the Book Depository doesn’t have the same problem…

Another email from Amazon, advising that the book is now available to pre-order again!  Sheesh, what is going on with them?!

8 thoughts on “The Colette Sewing Handbook and

    1. I wonder if they took too many pre-orders then? Those who got in first are OK and those that didn’t are out of luck as they can’t get anymore… It’s brilliant for Sarai if that’s the case as it indicates that the first print run could well be a sell-out! It does seem that are fine though. It’s just so strange!

  1. My line of thinking was just the same as yours – when I got that email I thought Amazon could suck on it, so I’ve ordered my copy from the Book Depository too.

    1. Eerk! I haven’t heard anything about my pre-order with them yet, but it was made in October… Maybe there was just a huge glitch?! It is hugely annoying though as it’s probably one of the most anticipated sewing books this year… When Gertie publishes hers I really hope there isn’t the same sort of problems.

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