A to Z of Me…

I found this on DollyClacket and it’s not like the usual A to Z so I thought, hey, what the heck.  It looks like fun.  So here’s 26 random things about me…

Age: 29.  Just under 4 weeks until I’m 30.  But you know how I feel about that already!

Bed Size:  King.  Because there just isn’t enough room for me, Husband and Boy in a double.  It’s a Tempur one too and just soooo comfortable!

Chore I hate:  Hmm, cleaning the oven.  How does it get so darn filthy so fast?!  vacuming is gratifying as you can see the progress you’ve made.  And I actually don’t mind ironing!

Dogs:  Love them!  Proabably won’t have one of our own as we just don’t have the time to look after one properly.  Boy loves them too.  Just as well that our families have loads of them so we’re always around them and when they’re bad we can give them back!

Essential Start to the Day:  Not really got one!  Just the usual shower and teeth thing.  Makeup can be hit or miss too…

Favourite Colour:  Blue and shades of, like turquoise and teal.  Can I count purple too?

Gold or Silver:  Silver, but gold for my engagement and wedding rings

Height: 5’4″  So short-ish, but not tiny

Instruments You Play:  Well, none anymore but I did play the violin, flute and recorders (alto, treble and bass)

Job Title:  The one that’s on forms is Local Government Officer.  I actually work in an enforcement role though.

Kids: One.  The boy who is the spitting image of Husband when he was that age.  I think I’d like one more…

Live:  East of Norwich in Norfolk, UK.  I’m a Norfolk girl, born and bred.  It seems to be that you either leave and never come back or you stay.  I’ve stayed!

Mother’s Name: Carolyn.  Definitely not Caroline!

Nicknames:  Gonzy, Fairy, Plum, Mrs W, Sticks

Overnight Hospital Stays:  A rather hellish week when Boy was born and got an infection and was on IV antibiotics every 12 hours.  Believe me, all I wanted to do was go home with my baby.  Other than that, none!

Pet Peeves:  Look out, soapbox is being climbed upon…  Manners.  Seriously, how hard is it to say thank you or please?!  Or not shove, or hold a door open for someone less able or pushing a pram???  I also really dislike text speak.  We have a beautiful language which has heritage from nearly every corner of the world, please use it properly.  Tell me you’ll see me later, not l8r.  Ugh, it’s just ugly!  Oh and people who swear at their kids.  It makes me cringe to hear someone saying ‘X come f****ng back here!’ in the supermarket, or anywhere for that matter.  But they never say it, they screech or bellow it for half the world to hear and then wonder why their kids speak to them in the same manner!  So, my pet peeves are the lack of manners, language and general civility and politeness.

Quote from a Movie:  I don’t really remember movie quotes…  Sorry, I’m no good at this one!

Right or Left Handed: Right

Siblings:  Two younger sisters.  And a brother-in-law.

Time You Wake Up:  Out of choice, between 7 and 8.  In reality anywhere between 5 and 7.  8 if Husband has taken boy downstairs and I’ve managed to drop off again on a Sunday morning.

Underwear:  Bra and usually short style knickers or proper knickers.  Something that covers my bum!

Vegetable You Hate:  Can’t say I hate any, but I’d rather avoid aubergine.  The colour’s pretty though!

What Makes You Run Late:  Can be any of a number of things!  Usually because I can’t find one of Boy’s shoes or similar.  I detest being late though as I class it as being rude, so I really try not to if I can at all help it.  This usually means I’m about ten minutes early!

X-Rays You Have Had:  Teeth as it’s something our dentist does every year or so (my wisdom teeth grown parallel to my jaw bone so he’s keeping an eye on them), I’ve also had an MRI and the usual pregnancy scans.  Oh and my leg when I was about 10 and had a sledge crash and they thought I might have broken or hairline fractured it.

Yummy Food That You Make:  I think my roast dinner’s are good.  My meatballs are good too.  I’m pretty good at baking too although for some reason I can not do a decent plain sponge cake!

Zoo Animal:  Giraffes.  I don’t know what it is about them – I think their gangliness and grace.  They’re a bit of an oxymoron and I like that about them.  After that I think its got to be the penguins.  Again, clumsy out of the water but so graceful in it.  I’ll always spend ages in the aquarium though if they have one, I just find fish fascinating and beautiful.


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