What Would You Make With This?

Just thought I’d put this out there on a Saturday morning…  I’ve got some Liberty Tana Lawn that I bought when I started sewing and I’m not sure it’s really me.  I was originally going to make Colette’s Violet with it, I’ve even got blue buttons to go with it!

Liberty on The Line

It’s the Nina pattern in dark blue, lots of tiny roses on a beautiful cotton lawn.  There’s 2.5 yards / just over 2.25 metres and it’s 54″ wide.  I don’t know what to do with it.  Should I just use it or should I try and find a new home for it?!  It’s suppose to retail at £20 a metre, so it’s about £40 of fabric so I don’t want to waste it by making something I’m just not going to wear…

So, what would you do?  Try and re-home it or make something out of it, even though I’m not sure about the print…


6 thoughts on “What Would You Make With This?

  1. Hmmm that’s a tricky one! I think it is a very summery print and would make a cute summer dress…perhaps a Lonsdale?? However, if you’re not sure about the print, it would be a shame to spend time making something that you are not going to want to wear. So my suggestions would be, try and rehome/sell it, or perhaps use it to make a gift for someone for whom this fabric is more “them”?

  2. If you really don’t see yourself making something from this that you would wear, why not consider summer pajamas? This would make a cute cami with shorts or summer nightie. You also make it more funky and by adding a wide band of dark blue fabric to the waistband or hemline. Or you could do a fabric swap with a fellow blogger!

    1. It seems a bit of a waste (but rather luxurious!) to make jammas from liberty lawn! I have to admit that a fabric swap was my original thought for it… I wonder if there’d be any interest?!

      1. I totally understand about not wanting to use such luxurious fabric for sleep wear 🙂 I bet you could make a fabric swap work – I can see myself making something from it – but don’t quite know what I would offer up in exchange.

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