I’m Still Alive…

Oh.  My.  Goodness.

This week has been nuts.  All I can say is thank goodness I’ve got a day off tomorrow!  I normally work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday but needed to attend a training course on Tuesday so have done a mix-round on my working days this week.  It’s amazing how something so simple has thrown me so out of kilter!

So, I haven’t really achieved much this week!  I’ve cut my shell fabric for Beignet Mk 1 and done a bit of provisioning for my Minoru jacket and that’s about it!

My plan has changed from the last time I over-excitedly babbled about this because of one simple quote taken from the Colette Sewing Handbook (which, by the way is on its way from the Book Depository – I got the email!  Eeep!  Shame I’ll be giving it away in the next couple of weeks…)

And the excerpt is this:

I want to feel good in it (well, kinda the point of sewing for yourself!)
I want to feel comfortable in it
What will I wear with it?  Umm, if it’s leopard print or houndstooth.  I have no idea.  If I’m honest I like dark, fairly plain colours.
How often will I wear it?  The intention is A LOT!  So it needs to work with pretty much everything.

So I’ve revised my fabric choices and this is what I’m going to use:

No 14

Plain cotton canvas in Dark Purple, No 14 on the shade card above.  I’ll be lining it with:

Lining in Flannel

This funky Argyle Flannel in shades of blue and turquoise.  I’ll be using a non-static lining fabric for the sleeves so that I can get my arms in and out easily!  I’m also toying with the idea of some mustard gold coloured piping between the facings and the lining fabric.  It depends on how that seam is constructed though.

So a dark, but not navy or black, outer fabric with a pop of fun snuggly colour on the inside!  Look at me channeling my autumn colour palette!

Autumn Jewels - my palette for autumn!

Now, does anyone know where in the UK I can get antique brass separating and closed zippers?!


4 thoughts on “I’m Still Alive…

  1. Good idea rethinking your color choice after reading the Colette excerpt. Choosing fabric is can fun, but challenging. I hope you find something in just the right color. Not living in the UK, I can’t help with the zipper question.

  2. Ooh I love your lining fabric! Also, great idea on the canvas. Where are you buying it from? And do you know if you need stronger needles to sew with canvas?

    1. The lining fabric is from Raspberry Creek, an Etsy store. The canvas is from Iko Plus, also an Etsy store – if you click on either of the images it should take you to them! I have to admit that I’m buying the canvas a little blind, but am planning on using a denim needle to stitch it together – I don’t think they’re stronger, but the pointy bit is shaped slightly differently I think… I’ll have to go and find out exactly what the difference is!

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