Sew Along is On!

OK, I’m probably a bit late on realising this one!  But Tasia has announced the date for the start of the Minoru sew along!  It is Monday 16 January 2012!  Which is just under 11 weeks away, and in that time frame I’ll be in a new decade, Christmas will have been and gone, it’ll be a new year and my boy will have celebrated his second birthday!

I bet we’re there before we know it…


4 thoughts on “Sew Along is On!

  1. Yey! I too am excited about the sewalong, I need to start thinking about what fabric to choose. I love your lining by the way, I think I may have said this before but can’t remember. I tend to have a mental block with things like Christmas where ‘After Christmas’ seems like an age away even if I know it’s not…I’m sure 11 weeks will fly by!

  2. I am so glad she is waiting until after the holidays for the sew along. I haven’t thought about my fabric at all. First I need to decide if I want it be more casual (like Tasia’s) or more dressed up and classy (like Liz’s). I always struggle with choosing fabric for my sewing projects.

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