I, Vicki Kate, Take the Seamless Pledge

I, Vicki Kate, take the Seamless Pledge until my 31st Birthday:
1 Year, 1 Week and 1 Day away.

I will abstain from buying any new clothes (apart from knickers, socks, tights and bras) until the end of my pledge.

I will dress with style without breaking the bank and without contributing to the fast fashion consumption of the high street.  Instead I will mine for gold in charity shops, swap clothes, look for second-hand, re-fashion and create my wardrobe with my own two hands and the aid of my sewing machine.  When I buy fabric I will try to buy second-hand, support independent sellers or my local fabric store.

I found the Seamless blog via So Zo’s post about the interview Elena Cresci, the brains behind Seamless, did with her.  It’s great reading and the audio clips are something I’ve never heard in a blog interview before.

The pledge is a little like the Wardrobe Refashion pledge, which is no-longer in existence.  If you fancy joining in (and you set the time scale!) here are the rules:

  1. No buying new clothes for the duration of your pledge. By new, I mean any new mass-manufactured clothes.
  2. You can buy second-hand manufactured clothes – so be prepared to get to know your local charity shops awfully well.
  3. Vintage clothing is a-ok!
  4. Anything you’ve made by hand is definitely allowed. Get your sewing machines and your knitting needles out, because handmade is definitely in!
  5. Get involved! Join in on the Flickr group and like our Facebook page. I’ll be looking to feature pledgers on the blog in the future. I’d love to see your second-hand finds, refashions and hand-made creations!

So, there we have it.  I’m hoping that this change will become a lifestyle change over the course of the next year and will also help me focus on building my hand made / refashioned wardrobe.  I guess I better start honing my charity shop technique and developing my eye for the potential in those garments – I’m expecting a challenge but that it’ll be a lot of fun too!

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8 thoughts on “I, Vicki Kate, Take the Seamless Pledge

  1. Brilliant move! My husband and I decided amongst ourselves (this was before I discovered the magical world of sewing blogdom) nearly 2 years ago and we are still going strong. You’ll find, or at least I did, that’s it much easier than you think, and you’re right when you say it does change your lifestyle. For the better. My sewing has improved enourmously, I think my wardrobe is a whole lot more stylish and there are no more frantic shopping sprees and inevitable guilt that folllows. I hadnt heard of this pledge but I hope more people get on it. I’m going to put it on my blog and encourage all my students to do it too. Yay for home made and second hand!

  2. Good for you to take on the challenge! This is such a brave thing to do, I hope to someday have the courage to say it and put it in writing. It will be really fun to see how this encourages your sewing.

    1. Yay Andrea! You’ve got to laugh, I took this pledge and then my favourite and only pair of jeans gave up the ghost. So, I need to find some on eBay or screw up my courage and have a go at Burda’s Bella high waist trousers in some stretchy dark denim…

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