An Inspiring Shirt

My wardrobe has been under analysis since my last post, and i have realised that whilst I’m OK on the skirt / trouser front (apart from my jeans dying the day after I made my pledge!) there is a real void as far as tops go.

I’m planning a couple of Pendrells and Senchas (if the muslin turns out OK) but I’d like some variation!  So I was mooching around on Burda and came across DaughterFish’s New York Shirt.

Isn’t the neckline just amazing?  If you read her blog post about it she’s adapted it from this pattern. 

Which is now all mine, courtesy of Etsy!  The draped effect around the neckline is from darts or tucks.  The pattern its self isn’t all that inspiring initially, but seeing what DaughterFish has done has helped me to see past the pattern cover.  It’ll need a little frankenstein-ing, but if I can get a shirt as good as the inspriation, I’ll be one very happy bunny!


12 thoughts on “An Inspiring Shirt

  1. Lovely neckline. During self-stitched September I found I had same top problems so I just knocked up a coupleof variations on the sorbetto, itsso quick andyou can adjust loads of parts so makes a great staple. Good luck on other tops too.

  2. Oh, that’s such a lovely blouse! I’ve been meaning to trace the pattern pieces to the BurdaStyle magazine issue 09/2011 #128 blouse which is very similar (pics here, or’s download here). The tuck (released bust dart located at the neck on the BS blouse could easily be turned into the stubtle gathers seen on your Simplicity 9801 pattern 🙂

  3. Great score! I can’t believe you found the same pattern so fast!:) At this link, there’s a little drawing of how I extended the sleeves and added more darts/tucks in the shoulders: Also I’m coming up with a pattern for this, so if you need more inspiration down the road, keep in touch!:)

  4. Oh, I am in the same boat – my wardrobe is seriously lacking tops! Every morning I practically start pouting as I try to get dress – I wear the same 6 tops every week (which basically means I have my Monday outfit, Tuesday outfit . . .) This is an adorable top, don’t you just love how some people have an eye for things. I would have never wanted that pattern in my stash – but the blouse is gorgeous.

    1. Thanks for reminding me to check that file! I was a little distracted as I’ve just sewn part of my Beignet lining up so that one is RS to RS and one is WS to WS, so they’re identical! I really must remember to mark the wrong side on plain lining fabric. At least I’ve got loads of it so I’ll cut and sew the new panels in the morning.
      I see what you mean about the Burda patterns – lots of food for thought!

      1. LOL! You’re welcome 🙂 Re: RS vs WS – maybe an extra long tailor tack – tied into a loose bow on the RS ? If you did a X in chalk on all the WS it might rub off – or stain lighter colours.

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