Feel the Fear and Sew

Thanks for all the help and advice about button holes!  I read through the links, and did some practices using various different techniques.  The one that gave me the best and most consistent results was the use of tracing paper!

See, an uncut button hole with loose threads and chalk marks!  I got nine of the twelve done last night and then ran out of thread.  So today me and boy made a quick shopping trip to get more thread and I also picked up some fray stop stuff as when I cut open the practice button holes the fabric was a bit unstable (is that the right way to describe it?!)

So three more button holes to go, then it’s time to get busy with the seam ripper and pins – to make sure that you don’t go slicing though the bar tack at the end of your buttonhole!

As you can see from this picture, the further up the skirt, the better the button holes get.  I’ll need to do some re-enforcing zig-zag on some of the lower ones as I ‘helped’ the feed-dogs do their work a little too much when these were being sewn.  I haven’t done it yet though as I don’t want to try and re-set the machine and then be unable to get the last three button holes to match.

I’ve now typed button holes way too many times in the last couple of blog posts, I’m sure I’ll use the words again in the next one, but for now that’s it!  Don’t forget to enter my birthday giveaway which closes in just over two days time.  I can’t believe the response it’s received and I’m looking forward to drawing the names on Friday night or Saturday morning…

4 thoughts on “Feel the Fear and Sew

  1. Nice buttonholes. But be careful on ripping, there have been numerous mishaps at my house when ive lovingly and proudly looked at my buttonholes of beauty and then proceeded to rip to far!

  2. These look lovely! I have to confess– I’ve been sewing since March, but I’ve avoided making buttonholes so far (I even have an unfinished dress that I’m dying to wear but can’t bring myself to do the buttonholes!). You’re so brave!

  3. Your button holes look wonderful! And that color! The Beignet is definitely my favorite Colette pattern, and one of these days I’ll break down and order it. It’s just too much seeing it all over the sewing blogs looking so cute. I can’t wait to see your finished skirt!

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