Happy Happy


Is how Boy came into the bedroom at 5:30 this morning with two helium balloons! Happy Birthday to Me! I’m officially 30 and it actually feels pretty good to be honest, despite the recent trepidation…

Right, first off, a disclaimer: I haven’t done the draw for my birthday giveaway yet! I still need to do a bit of admin to make sure everyone’s entries are counted and then it will be names out of the hat time! Probably tomorrow evening or during the day Saturday…

So, do ya wanna know what the birthday fairies got for me? Well! I’m gonna share anyway. And let me say here and now I’m a very lucky girl!

First ups is the wee gadget I’m writing this blog post on… Only a flippin’ I-Pad!!! A present from my wonderful Mr, Boy, Ma, Pa, and youngest sister. Well, they’re not a cheap item… It’ll make following sewalongs or YouTube instructions in my sewing room (read tiny box room!) a lot easier! I can also interwebs and email on the sofa with my Mr.

I also received the new Sewaholic pattern for the Minoru jacket (not a surprise, but hurrah all the same!) and the Burda book which I’ve only glanced through so far… I’ve also been given some money (ooh, fabric shopping?!) a gorgeous frame which will go in our bedroom once filled, lots of flowers, a book of poetry called The Rattlebag, some framed pictures of Boy and some choccies of the Terry’s Chocolate Orange variety – Yum!

I’m a very very lucky girl. I hope you’ve all had a good day and those in the USA have had a wonderful Thanks Giving.

5 thoughts on “Happy Happy

  1. Happy Birthday!!!! iPad’s are so cool!!! What a great present. I need to check the mail because perhaps my burdastyle book might be there waiting for me.

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