Finished Beignet

I’ve finally finished my Beignet!  I sewed the buttons on last night whilst Mr watched the Gadget Show.

Facing, lining and a glimpse of pocket...

So, here we have the facing, lining and a glimpse of the pocket in the side seam.  I love these colours!

Needs a belt!

And here’s me with poor lighting with my hands in said pockets.  Please excuse the creasing around the waist – its not that its tight.  In fact I could have gone down a size at the waist, (I cut an 18 at the waist and 16 at the hips) it’s just that the corduroy seems to crease like nobodies business!

Beignet no hands in pockets
Hands out of pockets

Much smoother lines when I haven’t got my hands stuffed in the pockets.  Is it me or are the pockets quite a way back on this pattern?  The side seams are literally down my sides and I do think I prefer my pockets slightly further forward…

Ooh, the flash worked!

Yep, definitely needs a belt of some sorts…  I haven’t sewn the belt loops on yet as I don’t want to limit what size belt to use with this skirt.  I know many will just put a belt over them, but I’ve already got a non existent waist (although beignet suggests that I might, it lies) so I don’t want to add any more bulk there.

For MkII I think I may taper the lower sides so that the hem is narrower – I think it’ll give the illusion of more curves?

So, would I make it again?  Very definitely yes!  I’m thinking that mkII will be the original planned Navy, with bound button holes but a size smaller (there’s a LOT of ease at the waist) and with the tapered silhouette I mentioned.

The easiest bit?  The general construction of the outer shell fabric.
The hardest bit?  The curve where the facing meets the lining.  I had to go slow and steady and baste the two together as using pins was disastrous and led to it being ripped out, re-pinned, hand basted and then sewn.  Which worked!
The scariest bit?  Twelve buttonholes!  Practice helped, and then when ripping them using fray check on both sides before I cut them open, and using pins before each bar-tack as a buffer for the seam ripper.

All in I’m very happy with the skirt!  The model could do with some improvement (and I’m not fishing for compliments there, its just a statement of fact) but I like that this skirt suggests that I have some sort of waist!

18 thoughts on “Finished Beignet

  1. I think it’s awesome (and I would love a closer look at those buttons) and fits you quite well, IMO. I also really like the contrasting lining. As for the belt, I agree that leaving the loops off gives you more options in terms of belt size. This skirt has been on my list for a while but I never seem to get to it for some reason… maybe it’s my aversion to buttonholes.

    1. OK! I’ll take a piccie of the buttons, they’re a vintage find from eBay (old, new stock, ie old but never used). I do love them and they match the skirt colour perfectly!

    1. You’re wish is my command?! The button holes aren’t that bad once you get going, and practice really helps build the confidence up to actually do them on the very nearly finished garment…

  2. Vicki – this skirt reveals that you have a great shape – and really defines the waist. I love the color, and the details. Those buttons look perfeactly lined up – all twelve of them! I must add this skirt to my never ending sewing list.

    1. Thank you, that’s a very sweet thing to say. I truly wasn’t fishing. Putting pictures of my self out there is quite scary, particularly when you’re not sure you look that great and then add in something like clothing where you analyse the fit (which equals further body analysis) and the anxiety goes up a notch or three! I’m sure we all feel like that to a greater or lesser extent though.

    1. Thank you! I really hadn’t thought about that at all. I can’t take a whole lot of credit there, I just followed the instructions so credit has really got to go to Sarai who designed the skirt and wrote the construction method. I guess it’s details like the inside and the instructions, as well as the design, that has made Colette patterns so popular!

    1. Once I’d done some practice they were OK. It was still a little tense and I had to reinforce some of the satin stitch by going over it once the button hole was complete (because I’d helped the feed dogs a little too much!), but I think I can safely say that Beignet has cured me of my button hole phobia!

  3. Congratulations on the finished skirt – and it really does look brilliant on you. Can see it being a very popular wearing choice for many a year. Your hard work, patient (and hair pulling at the thought of all those buttonholes) certainly was well worth it. Looking forward to your next version – it will be a breeze now you have conquered that many buttonholes in one skirt!!!!

  4. It looks fabulous, VERY flattering! I love the color. You have inspired me to try the skirt myself. Did you make any adjustments to the pattern (maybe I missed the details, I will reread and scroll back through the blog). Great work.

    1. Nope, no adjustments! Usual sizing grading but that was it – I didn’t change anything. Going forward I may make the back side panels slightly wider and the front ones slightly narrower just to bring the pockets forward a bit, but then I don’t walk around with my hands in my pockets so it probably isn’t necessary…

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