Gratuitous Button Pictures

I knew I should have taken some photos of these when I photographed the skirt!  So here you are, as requested, detailed button pictures…

7 of 12

These buttons were a bit of a find on eBay.  They’re vintage, but old new stock.  So they’re old but they’ve never been used.  It seems that they were destined to be used with this fabric as they match in colour so perfectly.  They cost me £0.99 + £1.20 for fourteen of them, so I’ve got two spare.  They’re the reason why it looks like my skirt is buttoned with giant Polo mints in the pictures!

Up Close and Buttoned

I hope the last of the chalk washes out when its laundered as a finished garment for the  first time!  Out of curiosity, do any of you wash a finished item before its inaugural outing, or do you finish it, wear it and then wash it?

9 thoughts on “Gratuitous Button Pictures

  1. Oooohhh, lolly buttons for the child within- what a perfect match!!! As for wash/wear or wear/wash, I am on the wear/wash side of sewing. Need to get out and flaunt the finished garment to the world…

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