Minoru Supplies

I have been sourcing fabric for my Minoru, as you already know.  I have now amassed, at least, the fabric!  Want to see?

The dark purple, which almost looks chocolate in this photo (taken with flash at 9 o’clock at night, so not a true representation and is in fact more aubergine) is a cotton canvas which will be the outer fabric.  I’ll pre-wash in pure soap and then do a second wash with NikWax to add some water resistance to it.  I must get some thread for this (two spools would be a good idea apparently) and sort the zips!

The argyle in shades of teal is for the lining and is a lovely soft flannel.  I’ll line the sleeves in normal lining though so that getting arms in and out isn’t a complete faff.

The ochre / mustard polkadots is for adding some piping between the facing and lining on the inside of the jacket.  I don’t know whether it’ll be corded or flat piping as yet…  Probably flat?  Anyone have any suggestions / opinions on that one?  I had a chat with lladybird as she was a pattern tester and she seems reasonably confident that it could be added…

But, this is all plans for the January sewalong.  I really must plug a wardrobe gap and make some tops!  That Sencha muslin still hasn’t been done…

4 thoughts on “Minoru Supplies

  1. These colors are so gorgeous together. I love the idea of adding the piping! Unfortunately, I haven’t even started thinking about my fabric for the minoru – but I might have to use some of your ideas for a bright inside and perhaps some piping.

  2. Aha! You’re the one who posted on the sewaholic blog about these fabrics – they so jumped out at me! And the piping? Genius. Sheer genius. I hope I’m allowed to copy! 😉

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