Sencha Muslin / Toile

Huzzah!  I have muslined / toiled my Sencha.  I cut a 16 with an FBA.  I’ve also widened and lowered the neck line as the original felt like it was strangling me (a common issue, it seems).

Please forgive the tracky-dacks and the hideous fabric.  The fabric is old, I suspect late 80s early 90s poly cotton curtains from a caravan awning, or tent!  Least ways, something I’m more than happy to hack into!

So, is there anything glaring that I’ve missed?  It does up all the way along the back, no problem.  I think I’ll shorten how far into the sleeve I sew by 1/2″ as it feels a little restrictive around the arms if I stretch forwards.  I may also lengthen it a little, as I hadn’t turned under the hem at the bottom and I actually like this length and don’t think I’d want it any shorter…  Other than that I’m really happy as I did have some major doubts about how well this design would work for me!

So next question is, which fabric should I use?  Some cotton with cherry blossom dotted over it, another cotton with smaller cherry blossom attached to branches, the subtle fireworks or some gorgeous satin printed with butterflies (or they may be moths?)…

Which would you choose?

7 thoughts on “Sencha Muslin / Toile

  1. It’s a close call between the cherry blosom one and the butterflies one, for me. Whatever you choose, can’t wait to see it.

  2. You’ve really customized the fit – that’s always the hardest part! I think you will want to stick with a smaller print for this blouse, looking at your muslin fabric, the design really breaks up under the bust area, so I think the butterflies may be a bit too large of a pattern (though a gorgeous fabric, so hopefully you can find the perfect project for it). Do you think you will wear this with your beignet? If so, the top fabric is a winner because there is some teal in the flowers. Otherwise the subtle fireworks fabric would make a great choice because it would make it a very versatile blouse.

    1. That’s a good point about the four tucks breaking up the pattern. I’m planning on wearing it with my beignet and high waisted dark indigo jeans, so I think the blossom is the best choice! I have about 5 yards of the butterfly fabric so maybe I should turn it into a dress?

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