Final Finished Object of 2011

And it needs ironing!

I actually finished this yesterday and wore it to a house party last night and have been wearing it again today.  Hence it needs a good iron!  I also need to apologise for the photography – done in the bomb site that is the office using the photo booth programme on the MAC.  I apologise that it’s a bit of a poor effort on the photography front.  I feel a little as if a bus has hit me, but I really wanted to share this final item from 2011 and say Hi before the year came to an end!

This is my finished Sencha and I have to say I rather love it and love wearing it.  A definite win.

Front View

I love the wider neckline as I don’t feel constricted in it at all, although I may make it a little less broad next time around.

Back View

I also really like the back.  I used 10 domed shanked buttons and paired them all the way down the back.  I also sewed a couple of snaps beneath the waist as I noticed that other bloggers didn’t like the way it gaped open – it makes for a much neater ‘un-tucked’ wear!

Button Detail
Snaps to hold beneath the waist closed

I didn’t fold the sleeves as far back as the pattern suggested, which covers a little more of my upper arms.

The only change I think I’d make to this is to size it down a bit as it is a little baggy in places.  There’s about 3″ of ease at the waist and some excess fabric in the chest area where about 2″ of length could be taken out.

Tuck to take out length above chest

As you can see, with the length across the chest taken out, it does look a bit better!  But I’ve still got a very comfortable, and wearable top.  So a definite win and one that I’ll be making again.  I didn’t even mind the hand sewing aspects – I actually quite enjoyed it!  Does this mean that I’m becoming a proper sewist/seamstress/person who sews?!

Oh, and I’ve also cut my hair off!

Note to Self: Desk Light = Harsh Lighting!

What ever you’re up to tonight, I hope you have a wonderful last few hours of 2011, and here’s to 2012!

14 thoughts on “Final Finished Object of 2011

  1. Vicki, I am loving this blouse. I really must give it a try as well. The fabric is really lovely, and the perfect choice for this blouse. You are going to get a ton of use from this project. I’m really liking the haircut too. Happy New Year!

    1. It’s really simple to put together and the hand sewing isn’t hard at all, just takes a little time but is perfect for telly-sewing / sociable sewing!

    1. Thank you! You look like you had a great time for Hogmany. We were very Rock and Roll and were asleep when the new year dawned… We watched the fireworks in London this morning that we’d taped last night!

  2. I absolutely love the floral fabric you picked out, so chic! This top suits you well, very fashion forward yet casual and comfy! Glad I stumbled onto your blog, I’m looking forward to seeing your new creations

  3. Your Sencha looks really good. And what a great idea to add the snaps in the bottom. Like others, I hate the way it gapes at the bottom.

    I had the hardest time with that bad boy. I’m still hoping the 3rd make is a charm for me.

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