Minoru Preparation, or What I Get Up To When I Have a Day to Myself!

Squee!  It’s a week on Monday until the sew along starts!  I am really looking forward to making this jacket, so today as I had a day all on my own to do what ever I wanted with  (which probably should have included some housework?!) I did some preparation.

I traced and FBA’d the pattern over the last few evenings, which meant lengthening the placket by 7/8″.  I used Lazy Stitching’s tutorial, which follows the same method as Fit for Real People.  Instead of adding the extra fullness to the gathers at the neckline, I’ve instead opted for a bust dart.  Flat pattern wise, that’s the only adjustment I made – apart from also doing the FBA on pattern piece 9 (lining) and lengthening the aforementioned placket piece (No 6).

So, I then thought I’d get on with pre-washing my lining and proofing my cotton canvas outer.

Nikwax-ing the Cotton Canvas

I’ve used Nikwax Cotton Proof and used 150ml.  As that’s for one item and for two you’d only need another 50ml.  I did the hand wash method and didn’t follow instruction 1: Use Gloves.  As a result of pushing the fabric into the hand-hot (well, a smudge warmer, but I could put my hands in it) I had a slightly waxy residue left on my skin.  No biggie as we have tubs of Swarfega (a hand de-greaser, used a lot in the motor trade) due to the Land Rover obsession of Husband by every sink!

For the rinsing part, I again ignored the whole gloves thing and rinsed, and rinsed and rinsed some more.  This time with cold water,then a quick spin in the machine to get rid of as much water as possible and then into the tumble dryer as we have a dry bright day here so the solar panels are working well but it’s not warm enough to dry outside and I don’t have anywhere inside that’s suitable for drying that sort of yardage!

I also made miles of piping, which needs to be carefully coiled and tied and pre-washed.

Next up,  I did a little bit of shopping.  For essential supplies:

See, separating zip (32″ as the FBA added nearly an inch of length to the front), and another non-separating one for the hood, buttons for the next Sencha, elastic, thread (2 spools as suggested by Lladybird in her pattern review).

Oh, and then there was the not so essential shopping… The star fabric will either be a Violet or Jasmine.  And then the dotty one is a jersey that was £3.99 for 2+ yards as was the plaid in Oxfam!  Don’t you just love the teal of the plaid – I’m thinking a pencil skirt, maybe with a godet…  Like this one!

Next up, the muslin / toile!


8 thoughts on “Minoru Preparation, or What I Get Up To When I Have a Day to Myself!

  1. You are so organised! I am planning to
    NikWax my cotton canvas too, thanks for the idea! Do you think it will make any difference to the sewing – is there an obvious waxy layer? Also, where did you get your separating zip from? I couldn’t find one at the haberdashery shop I usually go to.

    1. I don’t think it will make any difference to the sewing to be honest! There’s no obvious waxyness to the fabric, but it has that wax jacket smell. I hope that makes some sort of sense?! It won’t be waterproof, but I’m hoping it won’t soak up water like a sponge either! Once it’s properly dry I’ll spray some water on it and see what happens. It could be an epic fail, but I’m hoping not!

      The zip came from my local fabric shop, Anglia Fashion Fabrics. They had a limited selection of colours at 28, 30 & 32″. Basically brown, black and navy, although I think they may have had white and beige in the 28″. They also had some with metal teeth, but they advised against them as they’re not as sturdy as the plastic toothed variety. Let me know if you’re still having problems and I can always grab you one and post it up!

  2. I love the plaid and stars fabrics. I’m such a sucker for a print!
    I’m also curious about sewing fabric after it’s been treated. Looking forward to your posts during the sew along.
    Also, would you do a post on making piping. I get the idea but someone who has done it many times must have some tips.
    Can’t wait to see your Minoru!

    1. I’ll definitely do a post on piping for you… I can’t promise when it’ll be but I will do it! It honestly sounds way more complicated than it really is and a piping foot makes an incredible amount of difference.

  3. I like the plaid, too, and I really like the aqua with the dots! So adorable! I’m not doing the Minoru sewalong, but I’m really excited to see what you guys make!

  4. You are a very well organised, logical sewer, and you are only at the pre-planning stage. This will make for a great Minoru – looking forward to you starting with the scissors and thread….plaid is my favourite, and yes, a pencil skirt would be perfect…

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